Will microsoft update controller drivers in time for PC port?

I’m sure everyone is aware at this point that XB1 fightsticks don’t work correctly on pc/windows. Been that way for a long time. With the current drivers, you can only use 6 buttons and 2 require re-wiring. I was wondering if anyone from the team might have some insight into the situation?

Will microsoft finally release updated drivers for xb1 fightstick users? It would make sense seeing as how the KI pc port is around the corner already? I mean we have been waiting for a fix for about 2 years now, some of us would like to use all 8 buttons and some of us actually play other fighters on PC.


This again?
Speak for yourself please…
Some people even use it for shadow/ex attacks

But most important… it’s NOT the two at the end that doesn’t work… it’s RT & LT which is positioned as the two left buttons in the bottom.
So it’s Fierce/Hard Kick and triple kick that’s missing, not the two triple buttons.

"You can just rewire it…"
NO, that’s not an answer… it even got promised that they would work on Windows before launch. And NO ONE should have to rewire anything, and many people don’t even know how to, and dare not try.

I also don’t get why the stick manufacturers haven’t pushed Microsoft harder for this. It must hurt their sales quite a lot also.

My KI TE2 is my first and only stick… I’m NOT gonna buy another one dedicated to PC just because they’re stalling… all that comes out of this is less support from and for the general FGC and that means no increase in sales (maybe even a slight decrease)

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I don’t either. I tweeted to Markman and Madcatz and Markman just replied, basically: “drivers come from Microsoft, not us.” I tried tweeting Microsoft but got no answer. The team that participates in this forum are not willing/able to weigh in. I don’t blame them, I’m sure it’s another department but it would be nice to get somethings since the status of fightsticks is pretty important to the KI community…

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Existing topic covering basically the same thing can be found here:

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