Will Killer and all ranks ever reset?

I think they should reset every month or quarterly. Seems like everyone is a “Killer” now. I’m proly more of a gold caliber player.

I really hope they don’t reset - at least until I’ve got my Killer achievement, then reset all they like - it would put a massive imbalance within the new players too - a bronze player fighting at gold level takes on a qualifier and bodies him/her. What do you see happening? I know what I see from that - another player saying the game is broken and possibly leaving for streetfighter v.

Tbh, I’ve wanted the ranks to reset once every 4 months. Killer is such a wall for everyone not able to play as much as the top 32. Making sure you’re able to continually and consistently get to Killer, shows how much knowledge and skill you retain as you play.

Aside from that, Killer rank for me is just practice mode for my local tournament scene. I’ll never make top 32 because of how much time I spend working.

On top of that, the race to Killer would be an awesome event. I love Seasons in Diablo 3, because of the race from level 1 to 70, and then racing to high level greater rifts. It’s such a thrilling feeling to have the potential to be first to Killer.

At the start of each season I love racing with the guys in killer to see how far I can get before I pass out from exhaustion. When I wake up and see someone has 3000 plus points it then becomes daunting. As the month goes on it becomes that wall.

Anyways, that’s my 2 cents (or pence, or whatever space money you have).

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