Will gold gargos ever be able to buy separate?

I bought the ultra pack like last year and saw this definite ver has a skin. I mean I don’t want to re pay 40 for one skin since I have it on pc already.

So I’m asking the devs will by chance this will be able to buy separate?


He’s unlockable in-game I believe, if you complete the collectables in shadow lords.

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Really? Is that true?

Yes, the extra Gargos skins can be unlocked in Shadow Lords as the last two things to unlock from that mode besides collectables, Guardians and dossiers. I think Golden God is just before the Argent Shroud (his blue/silvery metallic extra skin) on the “Play Shadow Lords to Unlock Rewards” bar that shows up on the menu just past the title screen.

Oh ok! And how do I exactly unlock it in shadow lord? I have the stage but I’m at 7%.

If I remember right, you need to get as many dossiers for items, characters, world (lore stuff) and guardians as possible. It’s a bit random on when dossiers appear after fights, but my advice would be to use guardians that you do not have dossiers for yet in missions until you have both the regular and crimson versions of their dossiers (crimson dossiers unlock even when using regular guardians), and make sure you fight against characters whose dossiers you don’t have yet for a better chance to get new ones. And if you are missing omen dossiers (the hardest ones to get IMO), try finding some Shadow Omens in the Shadowborn/ Shadow Rogue/ Shadow Impasse missions. Basically, just play the Shadow Lords absolutely thoroughly over several playthroughs, fighting everyone you can and experimenting with different mission choices.

Dossiers will come with time if you stick with it and hack at it, but I won’t lie, it gets harder to get newer dossiers once you get around the 80% range, so if it starts feeling grindy, take a break from that mode and come back when you’re good to run through it a few more times to keep kinda fresh.

BTW, you can check which dossiers you don’t have yet in the archives subsection of the Shadow Lords hub (far right side, opposite of the guardians and barracks).