Will current characters evolve physically in season 3?

Since we do not have weekly textual streams anymore, but there is stream incoming at PAX. I hope you guys can answer this general question @rukizzel @TempusChaoti

For season 3, will there be further evolution of the current characters in season 3? Not only backstory, but personality wise (like TJ Combo in S2)? And if so, will this again change their appearance in Season 3? Thanks in advance!

For example, it might be that Aria is trying to appear more human, and has designed herself a “real” face while the rest of her body still appears as an AI. And so, she appears with a human face but same AI body in S3. Or Kan-Ra succeeded in his experiments, looking less dead (Lol) with more meat on his bones and longer hair.

Anyway, “evolving characters” may also be a good way to alter/change appearances of some characters that were not so well received the first time around (I am not saying TJ Combo looks bad).

I thought you were talking mechanically-speaking, which is far more likely than what it sounds like you’re actually hoping for…

This would be amazing as an alternate appearance for characters. Sadly, it sounds like an awful lot of work for something that doesn’t affect gameplay… Which tells me it’s probably further out than S3 if we see it at all.

What you’re asking for would likely need to be done with alternative skins like Retros, not a full update to the characters just because we changed Seasons.


I think skins can do the trick. It would make me happy, rather than random accessories.

If possible, I would like a change in appearance to be an evolving part of a character’s background story.

I like how Riptor, Omen, TJ were introduced in their trailers. I think they can REHYPE and re-introduce characters by linking story telling elements to character looks. And yes, maybe they should use skins for this.

@Iago407 @Dayv0 in the rebalance thread, I read your comments on visual improvements for characters especially regarding gameplay and design (Omen). Do you mind sharing your ideas here? I Am trying to kick off a discussion on this topic.

@GalacticGeek Hi, I changed the title of this topic a bit (big difference nonetheless)


Thanks for calling @BoJima404. Also I suggest you to change OP title to “Will current characters evolve physically in season 3?”, now it’s a bit more gameplay related oriented.

Characters visual evolution can be achieved via skins, or in a lesser extent, accesories.

Let’s take a example:

Hisako: After their first encounter, ARIA learns that Hisako’s spirit will never rest against the usurpers of her village. ARIA manages to control Hisako via cybernetic implants(her premium accesories), and now uses her as soldier against Gargos.

Hisako retains her original outfit, but this gives her a new look in story mode, and also it’s some short of publicity of her premium accesories. This can be applied to other characters, mantaining their original design, but giving more ways of presonalitation.

-Aganos: After being destroyed in s2, give him new materials for his body(similar to his accesories)
-Kan-Ra: after seeing Gargos, Kan-Ra belives his protective amulets are insufficient. He recolects more grimories and amulets around him as protection against Gargos and his armies
-Sadira: After being betrayed by ARIA and presumably killed by Cinder, Sadira now has parts of her skin burned, and she surrender herself more deeper in her spider nature, gaining small claws in her arms(blade accesories), a more beast-like face, with more eyes and fangs, and small spider-like extra limbs. Now, the spider assasin seeks revenge…

Omen is a bit different.
He is a bonus character, and that always sounded to me a bit like “we are giving you a great character in terms of gameplay, but a bit simple in terms of visual design”. He is unique, but he borrows animations from other characters. He is the only character without retro or premium accessories.
In my opinion, this is the 90’s Omen. This is the retro Omen. With some unique animations(similar visually, equal in frame data), and some visual improvements(wings always out, more details, give more detailed accessories, not only brazlets, more like full cover torso…), he could be a great new character. Make actual Omen his retro outfit, and as Gargos herald, he gets empowered by his master for his succes and gets a new design

Riptor trailer, Omen tease. Many people(including me), seeing Shago getting hit but not seeing any leg or punch, thought that maybe the next character could use psychic powers. I would love to see that. Change some enders or linkers in that.

I think another way to incentivize getting the new skins and further cement their purpose as a sort of evolution of the characters, perhaps they should be unlocked by completing story mode with that character.
Edit: Another benefit of that plan would be that it would motivate people who normally only play the game for online multiplayer to play story mode and get into the KI universe.


Thanks, @BoJima404 , I believe that my suggestions for Omen’s appearance were here:

“When it comes to his look, I’d say get rid of his masks. Give him armor so he looks more like a warrior. Let his wings be out all the time or draped on his shoulders like a cape ala Gargoyles. Give him some height, weight and power behind him as opposed to him being uber-slender. He should be more imposing. Maybe give him forward arching demon horns. I’d say imprint a face and physical features on him like black eyes and a mouth hole, but defined facial features as well. He should almost look like a demonic, photo-negative version of Jago. Maybe give him Jago’s hair, but black, twinged with a glowing blue outline.”

I do think that Omen could evolve in this manner, and I think it’d be cool to see other characters evolve a bit as well. I’m not sure if that could have anything to do with the story (especially since bad things happen to a few like Kan Ra and what not), but I think it’d be nice to offer some sort of alternate versions of characters either by way of character evolution or mere reimagining.

By that, I mean look at TJ’s Blade outfit. That’s more of a reimagining of the character then anything else. Now while that doesn’t overly fit who he is as a character, it’d be cool to see each character get a look that sort of evolves the character within the construct of their backstory / persona.

For example, Orchid could get a sort of sleek, black, spy outfit (no, not a cat suit). Maybe she gets a sort of google glass tech piece that fits over one eye. Ya know. Stuff like that.

I really like your human looking Kan Ra idea. I think that’d be awesome.

In line with the new awesome background stories, I hope that also certain special effects are updated to reflect improved technique (special moves) or a character’s evolution.
My main wish is that characters look slightly different to reflect the time passed.