Will all characters be available before EVO

With only three months prior to Evo once S3 starts. What do you think the release schedule for the final four characters will be and do you think IG will be able to have all 8 piror to EVO this year?

Well it depends on the release schedule. Is not like iron galaxy will rush characters out for tournament.

Considering 4 characters left, I really doubt they’re going to release everything in 3 months. Season 3 will last until the end of 2016 (hence December, just to face SFV itself). So probably the releasing schedule would be something like this:

-1st character: Probably before EVO, with a gap of 1 month and a half - 2. This means the release should be from Mid May to Mid June. Probably another guest, who knows.
-2nd character: It will come out without a doubt after EVO, perhaps straightly forward (before Mid August) or just after Summer Holidays (Beginning of September).
-3rd character: Seen how many people are looking for a vampire in KI, I think it’s going to be the surprise of this Season. Considering the typo, it’s highly probable IG’s going to release this character during something special, hence Halloween holidays (so that means end October - beginning of November maximum).
4th character: the last one is going to be released during December, probably second half, if we consider they’re creating the story mode for each character. High jackpot on Gargos.

That means Season 3 will end in December 2016, just a month and more away from the KI World Cup, the true competition they’re pointing to.

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Yeah I don’t think they’ll make it. Considering that S3 launches with 4 characters at the end of the month I see us getting an extra character or two before EVO, not 4 additional ones. It’s a shame, but I much prefer that to them rushing the game out to make it for EVO and ending up with oddly put together package (*coughSFVcough)

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Keits said in a twitter post that although EVO is great, they won’t lose time developing just to have characters - so what you get is what’s available. Which will more than likely only be 4 characters.

Yep! It’s up to the tournament organizers to decide what the cutoff is for new characters as they roll out, so even if we were “done” by July, it’s most likely that all available characters wouldn’t be legal for EVO anyway.


Hunh, that’s surprising. Sounds like you guys will try to stick to the 1 character a month release schedule you had during S2. Good luck making it in time, it would be really cool to have the full roster of 26 characters usable at EVO :smiley:

Though I might have read that wrong and yeah the “Yep!” was just to you guys not shifting development plans to fit EVO.

I think that we might get one more character at most prior to EVO. Though I think probably what would be more likely is the trailer that highlights whats to come next with the silhouettes of the final four characters, maybe the extra game modes which would include story mode for S3 and maybe all the characters, if they went that route. I think that is more likely especially if they have a panel, which I expect them to have.

I really hope certain characters are available in time for evo. I was really gearing up to go to war with someone.

who? Ronald Mcdonald? Luigi? Sanic?