Wild Horse vs. Giant Alligator

Wow. I must say that was really interesting as well as very unexpected, don’t you think? :neutral_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I love horses. In wild horses herd the stallion would protect the herd while the main female will lead it.
They usually don’t kill either, they just give warnings.

Nice depicting

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Now hold on, from what I can see that alligator was just lying there and not doing anything at all as well as minding its own business, am I correct? :confused:

That horse will not take risks in this case =
Doesn’t mean all horses would attack, some may just run away. That horse has a temper.

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It may be doing nothing for now, but horses are smart. They know that gators are predators. They know that even though it’s docile for now, eventually it will get hungry. And when predators get hungry, they kill and eat other animals. To prevent having their babies eaten, the horse gets rid of the threat.

This is very common in the animal kingdom. Cape Buffalo have been known to attack lions seemingly unprovoked. Lions will kill cubs from rival prides or any other baby predator to him out the competition. Dolphins will break a shark’s gills for even coming near their territory.

Empathy is rare in the animal kingdom. If an animal feels you are a threat, it will do everything in its power to remove either you or themselves from the situation.

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Wow where are these season 4 leaks coming from!!!