Why would anyone make a useless character like TJ?

May we do a set one day? I’d like to test my TJ against anybody you got in your repertoire. Shadow Jago, Kim Wu, heck, even Saberwulf. Anybody you choose. I’d like to learn something and maybe have some good matches! :slight_smile:

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That was my point. If he hasn’t dropped him, then he doesn’t really believe he’s “dead”.

He’s not useless, you’re likely not even using him right. Have you even learned him?

In KI there is no such thing as useless or bad characters, just players who are not good with them.

If T.J isn’t your cup of tea then choose another character.


First off, this is clearly a rant and is going to the proper place, the Off Topic section.

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Correct… I didnt know you were making a point. You just asked if he dropped him?

I watched the online videos on how to use them dunno if they were videos from old TJ or what but in real online matches he seems rather useless. His combos are apparently easy to break as well and he also seem to lack combo despite having a last name as combo

Jump kicking him and winning is easy because any move he has you can kick him out of it. He also requires a lot of extra work to do some rather ■■■■■■ moves like B F MK to roll under a magic which is kinda crap compared to say Fulgure who can just teleport behind the enemy which is 100 times more useful LOL

Even as Fulgore it’s not always a good idea because if you do it outright you can grabbed as you come in, and that’s if you teleport to close. But that’s besides the point.

Perhaps T.J doesn’t suit your type of play style. If ya don’t care enough about it you can always try another character. Or before going to online matches practice against the A.I to get use to using T.J’s moves.

Also knowing how to use a character is half the fight. Knowing your opponent is the other big peice you’ll want to have on hand. But you’ll have a chance to do this before the first green bar goes out.

Go ahead and use Fulgore’s teleports to teleport right behind me. I dare you to do so and get full combo punished.

There’s was a phrase for T.J before he got nerfed:

Just do tremor

Why would anyone make a useless character like TJ?


So the issue is your approach vs. the character. Saying he’s useless after the new season just being out (literally a week) and your justification on him when you’ve just started is hardly a sure thing.

I mained TJ immediately after he supposedly got nerfed into the ground, as people say, and I’ll be the 1st to tell you that he DID NOT GET NERFED INTO THE GROUND. He’s still a great charactar and while I haven’t really tried him in S3 very much yet, I know that he is still a very strong character in the right hands. If anything, I’d say he’s actually 1 of the harder characters to learn overall. :wink:

@FinchoMatic well I will make some more attempts on him to see what I can accomplish but thus far he seems bad in Season 3 most likely will continue to be low tier.

Rash owns him pretty easily

As much as fighting TJ annoys me, I can acknowledge that he’s an execution character, more so than Orchid in my opinion.

What is your approach to learning a character


I use youtube videos to learn a character. i just type it in youtube and watch the video then try to do the same.

I have had most luck with Orchid thanks to her air grab and screen slide which can turn into combo. have had lots of luck with Shadow Jago and Fulgore also thanks to teleports.

Okay. Just as a rule of thumb, while YouTube is a great source to utilize, it doesn’t do yourself service (most of the time) to just base your knowledge of a character strictly off that, especially when a brand new season is out. Too much has changed, gameplans and neutral change for each character.

The lack of using training mode and learning how to effectively block, check, or punish your opponent’s moves are what is what you should be doing because this is where you learn. You need to start implementing this more if you want to see improvement and making threads like these where there’s nothing constructive in the OP.

Everything is in the game for you to make use of and get better. You have to use it.

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@FinchoMatic Ow I see ok I will use some more of the ingame training mode.

You should play against HK Smash he would show you how good TJ is. Personally I think he is pretty OP and at the start of last Season everyone said the same thing.

He was op cuz he was +100000000 on block for all attacks. He’s still strong and lame as fuckk with the right player. Ive played him a hand full of times, he’s lots of fun and probably the only fighter I’ve won a fight with entirely on accident while playing like a bumbling idiot. I know, I got lucky but goes to show TJ is no pushover by any means lol

I disagree. I can’t remember the guys name unfortunately, but some guy at KI World Cup did damn well with TJ, like top 8 IIRC.