Why would anyone make a useless character like TJ?

I mean there are useless and then there are super duper useless characters but my goodness this guy has literally NOTHING of use to fight with. All you have to do is just jump kick him and win. LOL

I couldn’t even get like 1 hit won about 5 rounds straight with the opponent getting perfect LOL.

No clue why anyone would play him when there are soo many better characters with useful skills.

If someone jumps at you or in your proximity, use Tremor.

He’s not useless, you just gotta learn how to play as him.


Funny that you said that since I used exactly that and I got kicked out of it. LOL which brought me to realizing how useless this guy is, well now I know why nobody uses him anymore I heard he got nerfed like more than a year ago is why

TJ was at one point one of the strongest characters in the game, but people complained that he was broken so he got nerfed to the ground.

It works on me every time, it’s frustrating. TJ is one of the guys I have most trouble with fighting against. Most likely becaus eI play against people who knows how to use him.

Yeah I have never lost against level 1 accounts before. Not even when I played this first day yet I am now level 17 and can’t beat level 1 characters with TJ.

I can beat people so easy with orchid but wow TJ he is so useless holy crap no wonder people don’t even touch him again

OMG AHAHAHAHHAHA I am fighting orchid here and I actually have to alt and tab and let her win. WTF this guy is worthless holy crap he gets trashed while doing his tremor rofl

TJ is still a very strong contender. I still play him! :smile:

No season 3 footage yet, but…

I’m sure TJ will be just fine.


Hes all reads them new target fombos and shoot toss seems even more useful then ever

Tj is awesome

omg not this guy again. This is the guy that make other topic to cry about shago.

Never forget a LIAR


Tell Rebelo that… or fight Rebelos TJ… you will change your mind quick. The dude could have easily won World Cup and basically had Rico beat in winners finals.

Its not TJ…its you

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But Rebelo has also been ranting that TJ is dead in S3.

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Has he dropped him?

He really isn’t. S3 is still fresh. I’m still playing him.

I still believe! TJ is back stronger than ever! :slight_smile:

Ive seen it… but that doesnt mean he sucks… just means Rebelo isnt liking having to relearn his main. He has also responded several times with , New TJ tech and that he is making it work. Just has to relearn.

Yeah I tried this TJ again lost without getting in a single shot. Then rematched same guy, picked Orchid and owned him same level 50 person.

This indicates why nobody online ever plays TJ and its not because rash is so popular or whatever, TJ is just absolute trash. Heck I could pick fulgore and just use teleports and win so much easier. Practically anyone is better than TJ right now

No he hasnt…he just started off ranting …just like Sleep did about Kanra. He aint changing…neither one of them are gonna drop anything. they will relearn and continue to be bad asses

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