Why we cant get summer outfits and more costumes?


Are you suggesting we cannot have these things because SF does? Or are you asking why we can’t have them?

If the former, that is ludicrous reasoning.

If the latter, it’s because development and design are not magic. They require real resources - money, time. Being as aspects of the core game are still being developed, and that devs generally have finite funding to work on (they are people, with families, and this their job, not their sole life purpose); I assume things that don’t affect gameplay in any way shape or form are probably pretty low on the priority list.

Banana hammock RAAM, though!? Count me in!


When it comes to summer outfits, I can’t help but feel like there are really only two reasons to want those types of clothes in particular for a game that doesn’t normally have them. Either A. You like kind of a goofier, light hearted look for characters. Maybe it’s a bit of a joke, or maybe it’s just something to kinda get the character out of their normal appearance. Or B. You want to see the characters in a scantily clad, somewhat fetishized manner.

If it’s B, well, that’s just not going to happen with MS at the helm. They’re not going to sexualize the characters in this series to that extent, so if you’re waiting for it, that’s a ship that’s never coming ashore.

Now, you might say “but what about Sadira’s thong” or something along those lines. Doesn’t matter. They don’t seem to believe that her outfit pushes the boundaries too far and I tend to think that a bikini would push the line further than her current outfit would, so if you’re looking for the line, it’s probably somewhere around Sadira, I’d wager.

Of course, if you’re thinking A. Personally, I don’t want or need zany joke outfits. We already have some of those in some of the retros, like Orchid with her branding irons and cowboy hat and Jago with his Voltron accessories. Do we really need more?

As for summer as a theme, I don’t personally like it for KI if we’re talking that or something else. I feel like there are some far cooler, more character specific themes that they could go for that could produce some really cool results, as opposed to, I dunno, Jago in board shorts and flip flops.

Not to be hum drum, but I don’t think something like that fits the characters or the overall tone of this series, and the less of it we have in the game, the better IMO.


Because KI doesnt do bikinis and sunbathing! Ki is gritty, dark, and violent. You can have all that in SF and DOA…but not in KI. KI is more about Distopian future where water isnt even clean enough to drink much less swim in… the suns rays are to harmful to be exposed to for long periods of time.

This is the wrong story for what you are seeking.


I want a nude Kan-Ra


Giving players a new more enjoyable way to unlock colors instead of grinding the frustrating survival mode?
Adding an arcade mode where players who don’t have PSN can finally play FULL matches?

Naaah, can’t be bothered, let’s make some costumes instead!

We so need string bikini Riptor and oiled up speedo Fulgore amiriteguys?

On a serious note I don’t think this would be that bad of a thing, I mean they gave Orchid xmas colors with candy cane accessories, reindeer Sabrewulf etc. lol

Lifeguard Jago, Bikini Orchid, Hisako, Riptor. That would be awesome! Sun glass accessories? Sun but skins (besides Tusk)

Shouldn’t Fulgore always be oiled up? It’s the best way to maintain his joints and moving parts :wink:

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Lol true true

I dunno, man. Gargos is full frontal. Also butt.

And with Omen… oh, boy, you can see everything :kissing_heart:

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Dat shadowazz tho… :sunglasses:


Because the patchwork way KI is made it takes a lot of time and money, something the devs don’t have much of when they’re so adament about sticking to their 1 character a month schedule on top of all the other additions to the game.

Also I hope we don’t get such silly ill fitting costumes, or at least that we don’t get more (Some of the Retro costumes and accessopries are super fuggly and cheapen the game IMO)

I only wanted a proper spy outfit for orchid like a female nightwing or black widow.

I really think her leather vest is funky by now.

I’d love a speedo jago and lifeguard thunder & track & field tusk…

They thought Orchid retro was too ‘revealing’ n look what we ended up getting there… I highly doubt anything ‘bikini’ like alts will appear… although another alt in general would be nice… another base to assign accessories too

You’re not right in the head…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyway, I don’t see how that would benefit KI. It would make more sense if there were more humans in KI, but what would Saberwulf wear? Aganos? Fulgore? What about Raam? Arby? Does anyone really want to see Arby in a 2 piece?? I’ll tell you one thing, it’d be a real quick way to qwell your thunder & douse your flame, if you get what I mean…wink wink nudge nudge sad trombone