Why was the Shadow Counter Announcer Voice Changed for S3?

Watching the S3 livestream the other day on Arbiter I noticed some changes to the announcer especially when you pull off shadow counters.

In previous seasons. It was always so satisfy to pull off shadow counters and have that hypey voice come up making it even more satisfying.

For some reason it’s been changed for S3, and now the announcer says it in a bored voice. I’m wondering what was IG reason for changing this?

The videos are using the “classic” Chris announcer instead of the default KI13 Mike announcer. (Unless I’m mistaken, of course)


The original KI announcer, Chris. Thats the difference you are hearing. The ki2013 announcer “Mike” is the default one that is set. You do have the option to change the announcer in your options menu. Theres also Aria as an announcer.

Don’t quote me on this but I believe the reason they keep using Chris instead of mike is because Mike no longer works on the game, and Chris got re-hired to do more announcer work.


Chris is still very good. I probably like his classic Combo Breaker more than Mikes. It’s just a couple of lines that I feel, and it looks like others feel fall flat. I really hope they consider redoing some of the lines, and giving them some more emphasis.


I agree some of lines do feel flat and they need a bit more umph to them. But at the very least with Shadow Counter “Mikes”, as you guys say, voice is loads better.

I personally prefer Mike as the announcer. To me, He sounds more visceral and energetic, which matches KI’s chaotic gameplay. You can feel the raw emotion from his outbursts!

Chris on the other hand sounds monotone, which isn’t a bad thing but I don’t feel it matches the new KI’s pace very well.


All a matter of preference I guess, but I prefer the rowdy, boisterous Mike style of announcing.


:slight_smile: Yes my friend. They added the old and new announcers in the game since release for that nostalgia feel for those of us really old guys that remember the original games in the arcades and on SNES and N64. I’m glad they renamed them, they should have kept the names in though, in parenthesis. The only recent one was ARIA. You can choose between them in the options menu, of course.

I always thought some of Chris’ new stuff wasn’t that great, like the counter breaker. I hoped for more of the sound we hear when Chris says “Ready” in the original KI games. That low and brutal voice was perfect.

Max posted a video where Mike still does the announcements, so I’m pretty sure that should alleviate any fear that he’s been completely removed.

Besides, I think they’ve been using a voice filter to imitate Mike on the Season 2 characters. No reason to stop now.
God I hope they don’t remove the Mike announcer. I’d riot a bit.

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I prefer Chris myself, But I guess that’s because my first introduction to KI were the classics.

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Believe me, He sounded a lot more hype in KI1.

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I agree, I wonder what happened?

So was mine, but I prefer Mike. Feels right for the game IMO.

Well I hope they at least do a hybrid and keep some of Mikes Callouts.

I will miss the Shadow Counter one.

20 years happened lol

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I prefer Mike over Chris, Chris was good for the classic but I prefer the updated KI over the originals even though I played them in the Arcade.

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I kinda wonder who they use for the Mike announcer stand-in. Nothing personal against that guy AT ALL, but I wish they’d find someone that could do a closer job of mimicking his voice in sound, contextual tone and overall hype level. Some of the season 2 names sound similar, but some of them really don’t.

I’ll do it, IG! You don’t even have to pay me. Maybe a sandwich? I’ll sign on the dotted line for a sandwich. :slight_smile: Not sure where IG’s Chicago office is, but I live out in the burbs and could take the Metra in (he said knowing full well it’d never happen lol).

I prefer the new announcer…I dont care for the classic announcer, he doesn’t sound as hype as the classics…it just doesn’t fit IMO. the new announcer is so much more \M/ETAL and hype!! The classic feels silly sometimes and doesn’t flow IMO

Aria is ok, but for me, its always on default.new ananouncer


ya with so many good voice actors out there, there has to be someone that can do a similar if not same voice to Mike OR even a better version.

Hell, did you guys hear Ross Marquand’s (Walking Dead) impression of Matthew mcconaughey. its almost exact.