Why was season 2 ultra pack removed from Xbox store?

I wanted to buy this since it the only one I’m missing. I’m wondering if this dlc is coming back.


I would like to know too.

No no, if you are missing any seasons, you should purchase the Killer Instinct Definitive Edition. It costs the same as an Ultra bundle (40$) and you get way more stuff, such as the soundtrack and behind the scenes. It even has a physical disc version. So that is the better deal.

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Yea but $39 for stuff I already own is a over kill if I own the stuff already. I would buy digital no point
For me to buy physical

Only way for me to get physical is used and idk if u can get all dlc from that or that’s a code.

The content is on the disc, but there is a gold Gargos skin dlc that is a redeemable code. The Definitive Edition does have a digital version too, just search it on the Xbox store. I doubt they will put the season 2 Ultra bundle up for sale again, since the Definitive Edition has everything and more for the same price. Even if you do manage to purchase the Ultra Bundle for season 2, you will be missing out on a gold Gargos skin, the soundtrack, (that is only playable on Xbox one, I believe) and behind the scenes videos, and you will have paid the same amount. Unless they release the Ultra bundle of season 2 again but cheaper.

It is unfortunate that you already have a lot of stuff that comes with it, but it seems that is the only way to get that extra content that comes with the ultra edition of season 2. Unless you want to buy the Supreme edition, but it is a waste now that the Definitive Edition came out.

because publishers treat their games the exact same way a cable company treats its customers by making them pay for 300 channels and half of those are standard 480p and the other 1/3 is Spanish with 50 Chanel’s of that being c-span.

I can rip the soundtrack off YouTube and quite frankly. a “Behind the scenes” isn’t very interesting. when did we start paying for people running around in Chicago filming people using computers? that fan service used to be free.

I’d shut up if it came with 18000 KI gold. does it? meh, over hyped anyways. there’s really not anything to spend that gold on anyways unless your impatient getting a character to lvl 50.

There’s quite a bit you can use KI gold on in Shadow Lords now…guardian packs & item packs.

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Your a little slow on the uptake arent you? KI gold has many uses, and you shuold prbably do your research before you jump onto the fourms spouting falsehoods.

ya you could be correct in that statement. in my defense tho, I’m really not interested in playing shadow lords in its current buggy state. but please tell me what to spend it on besides blowing it on items so we don’t have to grind.

Mimic skins

I’m not here to argue or be rude, but im genuinely confused of what is so buggy in SL as of right now?