Why the hate on guest characters?

b-b-but muh franchise purity

(srsly tho - KI is just a mashup of trope avatars - guests were inevitable under the direction of any studio)

This is all I ask for as a fan/owner of the game - for the guests to be made well and fit the KI combat design in a unique way - and thus far they’ve delivered on each guest.


When i buy Killer Instinct, im not buying Halo or Gears of War.

People love Killer Instinct characters, and wish great new characters, like Sadira, Hisako, Kan Ha etc…

When they mix orange with milk, some will not like.
The feedback is real and necessary.

1 guest character is one thing, but 3 characters is too much and make the game lose personality.

Its not Killer Instinct anymore, its Killer Halo of War instinct Battle Royale bros.

And one more thing, the characters was not made by fans request, was a MS ads.
Its disrespectful to the fans.

nah i remember asking for battletoads


Ugh. All this hate on guest characters is just…

Oh, I didn’t mean to sound like they didn’t fit gameplay wise. I just had hoped to see a REAL KI character to be the first true grappler in the franchise and not a guest character. Feels kinda like a missed opportunity, since RAAM is a throw-away character and (hopefully) not a permanent character.

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But why play a game thinking already of the sequel? Especially in a seasonal game, who knows how long it’ll be before a new KI comes out? And I do hope it’s a long time off, because I have no wish to jump to a new KI anytime soon.

For as long as this KI is here, RAAM is here, so he won’t be thrown away anywhere. And the gameplay archtype he brought with him is here, ultimately, because he is here.

More than that, Rash is pretty much the only guest char who doesn’t really fit into the world lore all that much as he’s a lot more cartoony and “alien” that everyone else, but even he can fit right in, with the whole alternate dimension stuff, that’s become cannon with Gargos.

RAAM just fits right in as GOW’s world ins’t too far off from KI’s, and Arbi is just like another Glacius concept of alien.

Both gameplay and lore-wise, the chars fit into the world of KI pretty well. And they bring a lot to the game, in terms of character variety and archtypes.

Why does it really matter all that much that the characters aren’t originally KI characters, when they play well, look great and fit into the game perfectly? For me, it doesn’t. They could pick out a character from call of duty, one of my personally most hated IP’s out there, and if he was as well characterized and portrayed and fit as well into the game as Rash, Arby and RAAM I’d love it.

I think it’s safe to assume that Aribter is one of the better characters in Season 3. Now imagine if he was a original character. On the one hand we’ll have another original KI dude with it’s own mechanics… but it’s unlikely the newcomer would be ANYTHING like Arbiter. Arbiter’s style is based around who he is as a Halo character, not a gameplay need they wanted to fill. Would you want that to be lost?

RAAM, however, doesn’t do anything so unique he couldn’t have been a original character. (The Kryll is the only real thing I can think of) Which is why I get the impression he hasn’t been as well received. Even Rash brings his unique flavor to KI, while RAAM just feels kinda pasted in. It’s all opinion of course, but personally I didn’t find drawing RAAM for my chibi art to be super interesting. 'It’s s shame this isn’t a character as cool looking and as interesting as Aganos or Hisako" was what I was thinking.

Here’s hoping the final character blows us away!

I thought you said I had made my point of view pretty clear, yet you keep asking questions to what I have already answered. It’s going to be the same answers as I’ve already given you.

i think people are forgetting the fact that they can just recycle the animations and mechanics if they plan to make a new game. for example SFxT Raven is pretty similar to USTIV Decapre with some difference in moveset. The company designing it could just recycle it and just slap some different look, new name, and BAM, same archetype we all know and love, that has a new and orginal and visual look without needin the GoW IP

Hahah, yeah, you did make your point clear, but you haven’t answered my first question of this last post, which was the direct reply to your own post, about the throwaway nature of guest characters.

The rest of the post I was just talking, expressing my own point of view on the topic’s subject. The one other question I did ask in my post, was a rhetorical one. You can see that, by noticing that I answered it myself right afterwards ^^

Because it’s not a REAL KI character.
You say you think they fit… I don’t think they fit. As colourful the palette of KI’s characters are, they all seem to have a certain style to them. The guest characters have a style that fits the franchises they are originally from, and I don’t think they fit in with the KI style.

Rash kinda does, but I think it’s because it has that old-school Rare feel that the devs have tried to stay true to with KI as well (though not everyone agrees with that). However, RAAM and Arbiter are from two franchises that are WAY different than KI. And their style just doesn’t feel right in KI.

So they are throw-away characters. I can’t take them seriously as part of the game. And like I said, that they are characters I already dislike, from franchises I already dislike, just adds to the reason why I don’t want them in KI.

However, as much as I don’t like them and is disappointed that they were put in the game, I fully understand that they are there to stay and I know that there are people who do like them and I’m glad on their behalf. I’m not here to try and ruin anyone’s fun and I’m not going to ask IG to take them out of the game, just because I don’t like them. I’m not trying to be egotistical like that, I just don’t agree with the decision to have them in the game… And that’s okay! People don’t have to like every aspect of a game. I’m just iffed that it affects my personal enjoyment of the game.

Edit: Whauw, I wrote “the game” ALOT in this post. XD


I think if the guests had been spread out 1 per season it wouldn’t have made such a big impact.
3 in one season seems like a lot and people are over reacting.

I have only enjoyed playing Raam out of the 3. I dislike Rash with every once of energy I have lol… arbiter just doesn’t click with me…but Ill give him a go soon as I will eventually need to get him to lvl 50.
Id rather have originals…but in order for S3 to even exist they had to bring in the guests to get the approval from the big guys in MS is what I think happened.
No guests…no Season 3… KI dies sooner than later.

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True, 3 almost in a row is a low blow, but I would’ve disliked RAAM’s and Arbiter’s inclusion either way.

I had fun with Raam…I didnt think i would but he was fun to use…different. Arbiter on the other hand… I just dont like his play style. Rash I absolutley hate…hate hate hate…ughhh…he gives me a rash i hate him so much lol

Owell…next character is up soon and it wont be a guest

Now “monster+armor” fits on ki universe? I dont think so.

Rash fits WAY more than a generic monster wirh armor.

Rash at least is a unique character.

I like Rash being in KI because Battletoads need to be reintroduced to gamers.

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I definitely don’t mind the guest characters. RAAM is pretty fun and challenging imo considering he’s Zangief with Cody’s shank.

Anyway, I do wish there were games by Rareware that were based in the same “universe” as KI (using universe very loosely), that way other characters from different games would have a better chance at getting submitted, and their stories could somewhat be interwoven with KI’s overall story.

Another idea could be to simply create other characters that are based in the KI universe itself, even if they’re dead and/or unimportant to the overall story. They (the characters) would still be “guests” or extra characters that would still fall within the KI universe. I mean so far we’ve got:

Philip Yong (Kim’s uncle[?])
Yeouiju (spirit that visits Kim)
The Ronin’s son that killed Hisako
The New Tsar (Mira storyline)
Eagle (technically)

I’m sure there are other characters there that can be added to the list. There’s also alternate versions, such as TJ Combo with the cybernetic add-ons, Mira before her transformation, Spinal before he died, Kan-Ra before the curse, and the list goes on.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to who specifically could be added to KI. The fanbase does play a huge part in this, and we have to accept that. There’s nothing wrong with guest characters tbh, every fighting game has them, and it draws newblood to the scene every time. There’s not a single fighting game franchise that hasn’t used this tactic. Yes, even Street Fighter has done this countless of times (all of the Final Fight characters, half the roster in all of the EX series [EX2+ is the best SF btw lol], etc)…


Are they From SF universe ? No. They are from Other genre ( Final Figth ) and aso from another figtning francise ( SF Alpha) .

Are those Guest Rigth ?

Why Rash, Arbiter and Raam are not ?

Maybe the are percieved as wrong ,becasue they are from a completly differet genere , not from A figthing or brawl Game. But From a Shooter.

At first I didn’t like Rash (during the beta test), but now I am totally OK with him.
Arbiter and Raam fit perfectly in the KI universe.

The only thing they need is to be included in the story, for me they are KI characters.

Just the same as Yoshimitsu in Soul Calibur, and Guy, Cody, Poison, Rolento and Sodom in Street Fighter.

I really expect to see them again in a possible KI2


Street Fighter and Final Fight ARE in the same universe so it makes more sense. Rash, Arbiter, and RAAM however are not part of the KI universe