Why not let us choose if our character is front or back facing?

It’s neat and all that Tusk is the first back facing character but now I want to see what he looks like front facing. In thinking about this, why can’t this just be a toggle? Maybe even an unlock? Is there anything that this would break in the game engine?

Wow! thats a great question. I hope the devs realize how cool that be

Massive amounts of animation work would be required. You may as well create a new character. Since no one stands side-on in a fighting game, you could “hide” moves by being forward or back facing depending on the leading arm, which breaks readability.

Tusk was a known back-facing character since the beginning, which is what enabled us to create his moveset so that he could still work for readability.


Back facing is kinda supposed to be a tusk “thing” makes him special. Or so I’ve been told.

Because it serves absolutely no ingame purpose yet ties up an additional button (which is especially problematic on stick) or at the very least adds additional code to test if it’s a menu option.

The full character can be seen in the cutscenes and other art, having back or forward facing characters should be specific to the original design. MK lets you switch, but other than tying to an achievement it’s useless.

Big waste of time, effort and production cost for little to no value gained.

Thanks for the response. That makes sense. If I remember correctly, didn’t Cinder start out back facing and then switch by release? Was that a big pain?

I wasn’t imagining it be a “on the fly” in game toggle. More like something you assign in the accessory screen.

I was wondering about that earlier

And if the character heads move according to where the opponent head is ( MKX& SFV)

It seems like Kim is always looking left or right and not up or down if the character she’s fighting is jumping or crouching

They could use it in cutscenes/rpomos/else, but not in game, there’s absolutely no need for it.

ah crap, ya I didnt think about mirrored reversing. dang thats unfortunate.

We decided on switching him back towards his original stance in the concept phase, so he wasn’t in-game yet. Changing once in development (especially once we started animating him) would be a huge issue, if we had started him back facing.

Hisako actually had a weird bug on her influence command grab for a while that would flip a character to their “other” side. It was kind of interesting to see, but switched back immediately once you got back into the combo system if I remember correctly.

Being able to switch would indeed be neat. Like you can do in MKX.
But it is kind of pointless. Just a quality of life addition to the game.

There was an Aria glitch that happened to me twice. Aria was back facing. It looked goofy and the shotgun knees fired on the wrong side.

Last week I had a glitch were TJ got up from his Instinct resurrection and he was most definitely BACK FACING! It was weird…I have it recorded I think.

Keep it how it is, that way I never get to see Tusk’s face.

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