Why no season 2 retail disc?

I wonder why there’s no plans to release a season 2 ultra disc game like season 1 disc.
With season 3 close to release, the end of the actual game is coming.,
Many changes planned, new effects in shadow , (i dont like too much)
new level 4 ender, new ui, new balance and moves, but nothing about preserve the actual game.
I wish M.S can give a answer…
The season 2 need a place with my season 1 disc.

but its only my wish.

At this point it’s probably better to just wait until the end of Season 3 to release a complete disc. (assuming there is no S4) Also if you want to get technical there is no Season 1 disc, the disc actually contains the S2 update along with TJ.

Probably because the S1 disk didn’t sell that well and really complicated things going forward for the packages available and how patching/DLC was handled. Maybe they’ll do a complete edition by the end of the year.

It was more or less a collector’s item, and had an early access code for TJ, that’s about it.

But I still have it.

The real sales of this game come from digital distribution though, and dlc additions. Trying to release a physical disc drives extra expense on MS’s part, which usually meets very small demand. There wouldn’t be enough people to buy it to even warrant a physical release.

Of course, if MS give KI a little more press and commercialization, they may see a fairly sizable rise in sales, and then there may be a demand for a disc based release.

It’s better financially to just make it digital. You’ve seen the sales numbers for SFV. Now imagine all the people who returned the game a week later and people who bought it second hand at a retailer. Capcom didn’t get a cent of that second hand purchase. That’s where digital sales are good for the longevity and financial support. People don’t get rid of the game and they have confirmed sales.

Don’t care about a disc but I do want a commemorative book.

Incorrect. It contains S1. If you play offline or reject the update, it’ll fully be Season 1.

If you accept the update or try to redeem TJ, you’ll get the updated current version.

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you have explained perfect…
because i do not speak english, i dont know how to explain.
season 2 balance and some moves gone forever in march 29. A shame. I don’t understand why no disk. Its a collector item. I love to have one. and preserve season 2 forever.

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Ca anyone provide screenshots of an actual season 1 in action on disc without any updates???

I’m curious

I don’t have screen shots but I can vouch yes it’s legit. I was playing S1 last night.

Are you guys sure it’s not Season 1.5 where it was all still Season 1 but with the S2 balance changes? I vaguely recall people complaining that they couldn’t play S1 with the disc back when it first came out.

I can confirm %100. This is straight S1 by DH.

To be fair, capcom is getting what they deserve for screwing their fanbase.

Season 1 Thunder was a beast, the broken stuff of old…

Not just him just the whole cast geez my matches never ended so quick LOL!