Why no KI Gold with Kilgore?

I bought Kilgore and streamed him tonight, but I was at work during the Kilgore stream. As with Shadow Jago, those who paid $10 for him got some KI Gold. I was wondering why no gold with Kilgore? It’ll only sweetened the deal for fans to buy the character and get a little more than just the character. I’m heavy into Shadow Lords now and a little KI Gold can go a long way. Just a question.

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wondering too :confused:, it would be a easier way to sell kilgore too IMO to convince more people to buy him for support the game.
He dont interest me even for complete my cast . but just like shago i buys him for gold (shago) and in the same time support the game.

@TempusChaoti @TheKeits maybe 5000 gold?

Yeah I def feel there should have been some gold included. 5 bucks worth. That would have made the 10 bucks seem like more of a bargain. I hope they can rethink that and maybe remedy it… but I’m not holding my breath.

I totally agree with everything you guys said.

Well gold actually has uses now with Shadow Lords. Before it was pointless, people had stockpiles of gold from Shago and S3 preorders that they had no use for. Gold was basically a placebo to make people think they were getting their money’s worth. Now that gold is actually used for stuff I guess they can’t throw it at us all willy-nilly.

But since Gold is part of the daily reward system now, they kinda do give it away willy nilly. And whether guardian booster packs are really a worthwhile purchase is up for debate. I prefer to use it for premium accessories and retros.

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KI Gold is really only good for Shadow Lords now especially since KI S1 was given away around October and KI Season 2 will be free Jan 16-31. I spent my 18,000 KI Gold I got from Season 3 on Season 2 accessories and what not and now that was just a waste because I’ll get it all free in Jan. However, if they are including costumes/accessories as it was the most requested along with Ultimates, than that KI Gold they should’ve included along with Kilgore would be much more valuable. I’m heavy into Shadow Lords and I love buying those consumables and packs when I don’t have time to play. With the Owl guardian coming soon and two more characters, people may want to spend it on the new characters withouth having to level them up or on other skins (if applicable). It was just a gripe, I don’t want to complain too much, as I wasn’t expecting three more characters. But if they were to give us another community fund for additional stages/costumes, etc or with the remaining two, I’d like some KI Gold to sweeten the deal.

got to say I was a bit discouraged when I saw 10€ price, didn’t convince me yet as I’m not playing KI lately but maybe down the road I’ll cave in and buy him, also maybe there will be a discount half-price so no hurry anyways :wink: