Why no FMVs?


I was just thinking of how the old KIs had FMVs for various things like attract mode and arcade endings. Why haven’t they done any FMVs for this game? I mean, not any at all? I understand the whole fight intro/outro reasoning.


Money and time would be the primary reasons.

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I think that they could do something in the style of the old FMV’s without it costing a fortune for the versus screen.

To be honest, the versus screen needs a bit of an upgrade to begin with. Not saying it has to be exactly like old KI, but back then, the Vs screen in KI 1 arcade was pretty freakin hype and I think it’d be cool if they did something that again.

Currently, they’re recycling the characters movement animation from the select screen, which makes it feel a bit unfinished or temporary. It’s also kinda plain looking IMO, which is fine for the select screen, as it’s more of a utilitarian motion there, but for the versus screen, it just seems rather low key. I’d also add that sometimes one takes longer to load than the other, which makes the whole thing look a bit wonky. Not to mention the strange blinking as well.

I’m not trying to bash anyone’s hard work here, but given how much time IG has for season 3 versus what they had for season 2, it’d be nice if they could develop character specific animations for the versus screen that looked a bit more hype.

I mean, if they want to use parts of the character trailers and put a cool filter on it, I’d be okay with that so long as it looks cool and doesn’t involve using the same animation for the characters coming in to view that I just saw on the select screen five seconds ago.

I don’t really think they need any special FMV type things for the outros, though I certainly wouldn’t mind it if they decided to do any type of top ten or top five lists with characters. Maybe some small thing that looks cool if you broke your high combo score or survival win total or whatever would be nice.