Why MS may want to update KI visually for Scorpio's sake[Discussion]

Since MS will release their 4K capable gaming console next year does this mean they may update KI visually? This is probably something they are thinking internally and it’s something this E3 details they have a problem with. Besides Halo, Forza, and Gears they really don’t have any visually stunning games that will take advantage of the power of the Scorpio. Anything besides those games shown at today’s E3 are very low tier in terms of looks. I wanted to love Recore before E3 but the visuals shown kinds killed the hype a bit. They won’t be able to pass this type of detail if they want to sell the Scorpio.

Sony on the other hand has constantly released games that are insanely well looking. I have no concerns that they will have any issue showcasing the Neo but MS has yet to reach what Halo produces in terms of quality for the rest of the games KI being one of them.

How can they quickly get games to the level of visual fidelity in which people actually feel convinced to buy a Scorpio? Make more games like Ryse. But that is extremely risky and a ton of money involved. OR they can update current games like KI and have that be a highlight of Scorpio.

Unless they plan on launching games that look like this

They may need to find a way to quickly get visually stunning games and KI can help solve that issue. Also they can be cheaper and just polish current KI looks and just make it 4K and have it still look wonky but in 4K. Personally I think they need to update the graphics from the ground up and have a Visual Update Season. It would help the Scorpio, breath more life to the game, and keep the game competitive with the graphics of other fighting games that are starting to become way more visually appealing than KI.


Overall MS may want to reevaluate creating budget looking games like KI and Recore. If they don’t then they will risk the fact that the Neo, a lower spec’d machine will be showing off amazing looking games at a lower price while the Scorpio showcases Recore and KI quality games at a higher price. That itself was an issue with the launch of the Xbox One, it was initially on sale at a higher price but didn’t do anything better than the PS4. This time around the The Neo will be lower priced, not as powerful but still beating the high end expensive machine MS is creating that has Recore and KI quality games by producing better looking games on a budget friendly device.

thats why this KI game NEED to meet its ending, KI 2013 runs on DirectX 11 at 900p. The best they could do to improve its visuals was to overhaul the lighting. Dont expect anything better for KI graphics from now because it would need to be done from the ground to support native 4K and DirectX 12 for a realistic graphic texture. So plz Microsoft, if you ever going to allow a season 4, make it the final season of this game. So we can dream abourt a new KI game becoming a AAA fighter running at the native 4K resolution with its fantastic 60fps on Xbox Scorpio by towards 2018.

PS.: Dont worry about the end of this KI 2013. Shadow Lords will make it kinda loopable.

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I would love this but lets be honest here. No one is going to even glance at KI when they are thinking about a Scorpio.

Plus wasn’t this game developed first for 360 then ported over to xbox one? I rather just wait for KI’s hopefully new iteration in a few years.

Before someone comes and debates me this obviously doesn’t include our very, very small community.


I wish KI characters were modeled like uncharted or the division or god of war characters.

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The hardware of the current xbone is the cause for the graphical decisions most developers made… the fact that there are titles that output 1080p and not an upscale, makes me assume that it has to do with added workload to squeeze the performance out of the hardware… the entire purpose of Scorpio is to completely remove those restriction to output full 4k games, they said you will definitely need a 4k tv for scorpio or they would advise you get the XBone S… that shows you that the scorpio version of games moving forward will only be of the highest quality, I think this is Phil Spencer’s message of here’s what we would of hoped the XBOX was from the very beginning

I’m in favor of any improvements we can get.

But for the record if you can find a PC that will run KI in ultra settings at 4K, it looks pretty darn good without any help. People tend worry about too many technical details that don’t matter to actual consumers (no one looks at the game and says I wonder if that’s on direct X 11).

So I suspect KI will look great on Scorpio as is. Could it get better? Of course. But I don’t really understand the opinion that the games visuals are somehow holding it back.

Just as a point of clarity, no. They built a 360 demo, after starting development in the X1 to prove that it could be done. But no one wanted to sacrifice the overall quality of the visuals so they dropped it. People frequently misconstrue this as the game starting kid as a 360 title but that wasn’t the case.

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Everything looks better in 4k (my TV upscales everything).

We are going to be able to play KI on scorpio so it looking better is a given but they should just make a new one (or remaster?) With updated textures and physiques, all that good stuff.

(For the love of god fix those female faces!)

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While true, there are games like Battlefield or even Tekken which is releasing soon that make KI look like it belongs to last gen consoles.

I think this is the best solution.

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Not trying to nitpick here, but do you mean “Physiques,” which is people’s body type and structure, usually referring to build and musculature as well as “curviness” for women. Or were you meaning Physics - like the way things move and interact?

Just add Physics to that list(autocorrect must have did something I meant physics.

I like updated physiques too the detail of the characters you can see their veins and muscles move, expand and contract and whatever else is possible (that orchid and kim wu face doe).

Overall MS may want to reevaluate creating budget looking games like KI and Recore. If they don’t then they will risk the fact that the Neo, a lower spec’d machine will be showing off amazing looking games at a lower price while the Scorpio showcases Recore and KI quality games at a higher price. That itself was an issue with the launch of the Xbox One, it was initially on sale at a higher price but didn’t do anything better than the PS4. This time around the The Neo will be lower priced, not as powerful but still beating the high end expensive machine MS is creating that has Recore and KI quality games by producing better looking games on a budget friendly device.

I respectfully disagree with everything in that comment.

Recore doesn’t look bad imo and no one who hasn’t already looked at KI will look at it again just because scorpio is out.

By then we will have Tekken 7, injustice 2, darkstalkers 4 (let me dream for a sec) those games will kill all memory of KI except to those who take FGs serious which is a very small group of people.

But hey I still agree give KI a make over

It doesn’t look bad same with KI, but they are both obviously not AAA quality. You aren’t going to see IGN or Giant Bomb praise MS for delivering games that look like that on the Scorpio. They just aren’t on the level of the PlayStation games announced last night are. Seeing Tekken in current gen, Uncharted, and Halo 5 really shows that MS didn’t try to push the envelop with games like KI and Recore. To get games to quickly look graphically on par to those of the PS conference should be the goal of the Scorpio launch if they want to actually sell it. Ofcourse everything I said is a pipe dream from someone who just really likes KI so it will be interesting to see how MS handles delivering content to showcase the Scorpio. Will they chose to stick with Gears, Halo, and Forza and maybe a Ryse type game to show it off or will they finally fund more of there games to have that level of graphical presentation instead of letting them rock with a small budget and dev teams.

All I know is that next E3 they will need something to sell the Scorpio and Halo, Gears, Forza aren’t really enough imo.

I could imagine KI having Season 3 as its last season, and then the team start on KI2 with better graphics and improved gameplay etc. I don’t think they can squeeze out better graphics for the current KI.

Who cares what they say? I dont even know Giant Bomb.

You mean like they did with backwards compatibility which got praises from everyone? They are not making the game over KI is a 2013 game that still looks great imo. No one is even going to associate any of the games you suggest with the Scorpio.

Because KI is not a AAA game lol.

I am not going to respond to most your post because you are comparing PS and XB with PS being the obvious winner in terms of console power and then adding to that games developed long before Scorpio is even on the shelves with what they will look like on the Scorpio.

Phil already stated Devs can make games however they want, Scorpio is capable of 4k gaming compromising. Yet you are trying to imply how this are now (stronger console looks better than weaker) will mean next year that the weaker console will look better than the much stronger one.

Unfortunately, many people. The way they present the information to the masses can help or hurt products. KI season 1 was hurt by IGN because they claimed it was F2P without giving the full details. The original Xbox One plan was dissed by these outlets and it helped fuel the fire of it being terrible. Not caring what they think would be ignoring all the bad things the original Xbox One plan had. “Who cares what they think” is probably something they shouldn’t be thinking of when they launch Scorpio to be honest.

I did say that was a pipedream from a KI fan didn’t I? I don’t think MS would spend money to do a huge visual update to KI because it’s a low budget game. I did however bring up the notion that upgrading these budget games to look visually impressive could be a cheap alternative than building 4 new Ryse quality games which will be necessary because they didn’t show that this E3, meaning they will need to show those console selling games next E3.

Yes and it’s the first party games that sell consoles. You probably bought an Xbox One for KI. What incentive is there for you to upgrade to a Scorpio? Third party devs might show good games but those devs, like you said, will use it however they like including just making 1080p games. It’s up to MS to show off its console and so far their most visual impressive games are Forza games.

That is wrong. Most people make up their minds on their own. In fact most gamers do not even tune into things like IGN, GameSpot etc for information and not even a quarter of the combined population of XB, PS, Nintendo, PC tune into stuff like E3. Look at their numbers of viewable vs install base just for one of those user bases. Almost not even a factor.

We forget for every hardcore and competitive gamer is a hundred or more casual who just get a console to play, Fifa, Madden or CoD sometimes or just to show off.

No it wouldn’t be necessary because atleast MS showed games we will all be playing this year or very early next year. Yeah PS showed cooler stuff imo overall but what like only 2 games actually got release dates? They showed a game back from 2009 again for goodness sake. I much rather have 4 Ryse quality games (Ryse was awesome imo) than an updated KI although I really, REALLY want an updated KI. Saying it is the smarter move is… mot a smart idea(tried to be polite). KI has a small set of fans like any other FG and isn’t as well established yet updating visuals would mean nothing to the average consumer who already played KI. Now if they made a brand new KI that launches with all 8 characters of a season to start, updated visuals, all the AAA treatment or atleast with a package something like MKX then maybe that would draw in lots more people and be worth it but I rather they just make whole new games completely no one is going to score negatively the scorpio for KI.

VR, My 4k TV will get put to real good use, better quality games, more stable FPS on games, Games can maintain resolution, latest and greatest.

We forget that old console generations were 4-5 years before the 360/PS3 generation. This is normal and a welcomed departure from the XB1. If you really think MS will keep that promise of “no one left behind” is true than you are naive. 100% once the install base is there they will make the excuse “XB1 is just outdated and cannot handle todays ever growing technology and games etc etc”.

I would disagree here. Word of mouth from people who read these news sites is really strong. You forget that the Xbox One was ruined only by its Reveal, E3, and websites. There was no marketing detailing what the Xbox One was on TV but there it was, hated on by everyone. I remember the Xbox Facebook having people spamming the middle finger on the page. People in real life even when the issue was corrected would think the Xbox couldn’t play used games. It was powerful enough that MS fired the old head of Xbox just because of words he said to these video game site. Words like “The xbox being your new watercooler” or something became a huge point of hate. All because the media recorded and spread that information. Not TV advertising, not anything else. Just the things you say gamers pay attention to.

But if you do have a different view on how the Xbox One initial issues were spread let me know.

I actually agree with your second point. IT would be a good move to make 4 more Ryse style games. It would be costly but will they do it? History with most of the games they have released says otherwise. Most Xbox One games have so far been budget titles with the real quality ones being the big 3 and the occasional third party game.

They will eventually leave the original Xbox One behind but I don’t see that happening in the next 3 years. Most likely they will release a new Xbox every three years. People will slowly move between Xbox’s and even Windows 10.

This is so true, and I think this is the unwritten story of this console generation. We fool ourselves into thinking that PS4 is winning because of exclusives, or pixels or that MS’s policies at E3 2012 alienated gamers. It’s all irrelevant. PS4 was $100 cheaper at launch and they both let you play CoD.

I’m also inclined to agree with you about the game visuals. The big show pieces are important, but Minecraft is likely to be the best selling Scorpio game. I don’t think KI looks like a budget title and, although I know some people have argued this for a while I think it is aging very well visually. The game in 4K is impressive to see and it will be impressive on Scorpio.

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Actually, I think the major factor was Ps was cheaper and more powerful. Not only that Sony is dominating internationally not only because MS took forever to launch in places outside the US but also because their international support sucks compared to PS for example the new design lab isn’t coming to Europe until 2017.

Not just that but PS is a household name. My parents being old and some other of my family that are in the late 30s all call everything Playstation, oh you got an XB? Playstation! A Wii? Playstation. GBA? Playstation! This is even more rampant overseas especially in South America and Europe. PS1-2 went unmatched mostly and became a powerhouse and thus a household name for most of the world gamer or not.

The key imo is though PS4 being cheaper and being more powerful which if you ask anyone at GS or anything that would be their first answer PS games look better.

I guess but I still love Titanfall, sunset overdrive and the like but if you think about it aside from remasters PS also didnt have too many AAA games come out that are all that better but that is based on opinions so doesn’t say much.

Most people will argue you to death that it will never happen but I believe it will within 3 years? Probably not but I wouldn’t be surprised but also I could see them just releasing two versions of games the scorpio one running at optimal settings and digital being pushed so you can go between both with disc based games slowly being over shadowed even as they are now.

I just know there will be enough feedback that they will eventually make scorpio only titles because of course with the specs we currently have there is no way xbox one wouldn’t be holding it back even at launch.

100% agreed

EDIT: Oh God excuse my typos and grammar I was replying half dead from exhaustion.

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