Why Make HWB Breakable?

I was thinking about Heavy Widow’s Bite becoming breakable yesterday, and I honestly couldn’t think of any good reason for it to be breakable, especially as it is only breakable at the end of a combo, versus the beginning.

I can’t imagine any sane person breaking this, as by the time it comes out the damage is already done. It can’t cash out anything. Unless the person has one pixel left of health, it just doesn’t make any sense to break it.

It does more make sense for it to be breakable IF it is used to start a combo…

I dunno… Any thoughts… maybe Keits can share some input.

Making it breakable makes jump+kick->HWB breakable as well, which is a pretty common hit-confirm for Sadira players. It limits how much damage you can safely front load into your combo.

As to the rationale behind it, who knows? I personally don’t like the direction they’ve taken her though. Not a fan of juggling in this game in general, and little tweaks like HWB breakability and web cling ender (even though shadow recluse is still her shadow cashout) kind of annoy me.

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I can at least understand HWB being breakable during a Jump+Kick->HWB scenario, but certainly not when it is the tail end of a combo. Honestly I think somebody would have to be mad to attempt a break then, as Sadira won’t lose anything, you can’t capture off a combo breaker any more. All it will do is reset the game to neutral. I know I won’t try to break it, as the Counter Breaker would be too risky.

I’m a juggle heavy fighter, so the changes just give me more ways to juggle, but I’ll really won’t find out how much I’m going to like or hate these changes until I play Sadira myself.

I guess that would be the same as asking "why did they make Thunders Skyfall breakable?"
I think it’s just to have something obvious & reactable in the juggle to add more of the counter breaker mind game, but that’s just a theory.

It’s the same mentality as making Tusk’s ground stab breakable, although the damage has already been done you can still break to get on even ground (avoid being attacked for free on wake-up), and don’t forget you get like 20% instinct meter every time you land a combo breaker.

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Now that makes more sense.

Making HWB breakable also removes a lot of Sadira’s unbreakable combos. Though they are extremely low damage they still impede on KI’s mentality and the Devs. probably just didn’t want it to exist. Honestly it doesn’t change Sadira that much. I never even used HWB at the end of a combo (most of the time anyway) because it put me far away from my opponent.

Eh, I don’t see the huge deal atm. Could be something to fret abot later on. But right now…eh. I’m not a fan of doing HWB in the air anyways. Don’t get much after it too.

You’re right, but then again, I haven’t been using her unbreakables sense S2 at any rate. In fact, I hardly see any Sadira mains out there that have been using those tactics, so thankfully at least that won’t impact me too much.