Why KI 40 will never happen


Let’s at least try to get a KI4 before we think about 40.


if catastrophe doesnt happen first maybe we can get KI 4. meanwhile my friends with AK47s and tons of beer are waiting for ■■■■ to go road warrior. they even got the BBQ stored up

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Considering it’s taken 20 or so years for MK to get up to 10 and SF to get to 5, I’d say we’ll all die from old age before any of us ever see a KI 40.

Seriously though, what franchise ever has got up to a part 40? I don’t think even 007 or Godzilla have hit 40 different installments.

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I meant 4.0 :slight_smile: , the end of the world is closer then you think.

COD will probably hit 40 games soon, if the rumors of 2 games a year is true (one new and one remastered)

when fallout 40 comes out