Why is there so few people in ranked and just camper players?

I just played 5 times in a row against the same guy, also, every different player is just using camp mechanics, running to the other side to spam long distances attacks with glacius, gargos, even infinite grabs with thunder, wtf is that? people is playing like it was call of duty just spamming things from afar

Lol, first of all how is grabbing camping.

Second, this seems more of a problem of unfamiliarity with dealing with zoners. Who do you play with exactly, and how do you deal with things such as zoners and grabs (which you can get out of by jumping or dashing back by the way)


Personally, I’m waiting for the ‘demoted to Gold’ bug is fixed.

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Agreed…the grind…I don’t want to

Glacius and Gargos are zoners. That’s how they were designed: to keep you at an arm’s length and never let you touch them. And infinite grabs? That’s not possible. Just jump or perform a reversal that’s invincible or fast enough to interrupt the grabs. There are several ways to get around zoning and grappling. Go to these links to find out what you can do against throws and figure out Glacius’ strengths and weaknesses to better prepare yourself against him next time:

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There’s a bug happening that makes killer into gold rank again. Even you get to killer you will be demoted again. It’s understandable there aren’t many players in rank right now.

And then: don’t say “camping”, the proper term of the strategy is they are zoning you. They want to keep you away.

Camping is for shooters, zoning is for fighters. Though they are valid strategies you can say they are sissies. But since that’s not polite we have to say they play over-defensively (still, in fighters the zoning character don’t have strong CQC toolset,so you can’t reaaaaly blame them for playing like that).


Good question. Wtf is that? Thunder doesn’t have infinite grabs. If you hold up Thunder can literally never grab you. Sounds like maybe you aren’t very experienced with matchups or basic game strategies for KI (which is fine).

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The first time I experienced “grapplers” was in KoF 2000 (Clark and Ralph). I wasn’t sure how to dodge them. Before that most Fighters I played had no grapplers. Maybe is the first time the OP deals with this?

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actually it was done to my friend who has a little more experience than me, he didn´t understand that neither, I guess we don´t know how to deal with grapplers(?), and yeah, i’m new and the thing is that i want to learn playing online, i dont care if someone kills me with 1 combo , but i can´t play much is someone is zoning from that far, you break the combo and they do the same thing again, is really frustrating, but thanks to all for your feedback

After you learn how to deal with zoning, it will be a pretty easy task to overcome. It’s not as potent as something like Injustice 2 but can still win games if done smartly. Here’s a couple tips:

Glacius: Shatter (that move that comes off the ground) is unblockable but you can jump on reaction. Keep moving in and don’t jump into any of his hail (the crystals). Trust me, his zoning is not the worst part about him

Gargos: Just keep walking up slowly (you can try to jump but they can hit you with a specific type of punch if they read it), move after each portal punch. You’ll get in there eventually

Kilgore: His bullets don’t do damage if you block, just stay patient and you’ll overcome it. You can’t just stay back however as missles can hit you from there. Be careful of jumping them as they have slight tracking

Kanra-This one is tricky, the scarabs (dust clouds) when hit disappear, so it’s not entirely invincible. Try to stay out of his sand trap. Be careful of jumping over it.

Eagle- Oh god…good luck if you can’t get in quickly . Just walk slowly (or unpredictable) and be prepared for a lv.3 charged arrow which is unblockable

Check if you character has a move that can bypass projectiles (they are called projectile invulnerable moves). They can be extremely useful in these situations.

As stated before, check out infils guide and see the weaknesses and strengths of each character and you’ll have a better idea on how to get pass them. Good luck :+1:


Take all the suggestions you can get in the forums and videos of matches from players that are better than yourself. That’s the way you learn faster.
Unless you are the kind of player that will go to training mode to find your own solutions.
It’s not easy, but you will eventually learn for sure.


This is something we can definitely help you with. If you want to find people to play with the GG thread is the normal place to find people willing to help you out. And if you have specific questions about how to play as a certain character or against a certain character we can point you to the right places.

I would start at KI.infil.net if you are new to the game. It’s a fabulous guide put together by @Infilament. It is amazing.

Getting started in a fighting game that has been around a while can be really challenging. But there are people who can help you if you are willing to ask.

Good luck!

Edit: I’m a fairly decent Glacius player. Certainly not great and not even close to the best you will find in these boards. But probably good enough to help you with this matchup if you want to play some sets.