Why is spinal shadow fireball linker not breakable while glacius is?

i feel its very bad for the game if spinal shadow fireball linker remains unbreakable as it currently is. it literally goes against all the philosophies of ki. i am truelly shocked iron galaxy thought this was ok.i hope it gets fixed in the next patch.its lliterally season 2 kanra bs all over again smh

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Great question…


Oddly enough it was breakable at the start of S2, then they took it out but there are a few random bugs that cause it to go breakable again. But yeah it really doesn’t make sense for it to not be breakable given its new S3 functionality.

that bs is so powerful!!! its free shadow linker into any manual!! spinal can literally do opener-fireball-shadowfireball-fireball-shadowfireball-fireball-any manual- level 4ender. isnt that the bs everyone complained abt in season 2 abt kanra? and ofcourse through out the combo the manual can be put at any point. so practically speaking its pretty much unbreakable and untop of that he is cursing you preventing you from getting resources. i thought they reworked spinal because he was too strong in some areas and then they give him unbreakable shadow linker smdh

The better question is, why is Glacius shadow Hail breakable? It’s the exception here, not shadow skull.


following that logic why did they adjust kanra shadow scarab linker?? the fact that they did that shows that they recognize that its bad for the game for a character to have an unbreakable shadow linker but the contradiction is they turn around and give it to spinal. unless its a bug or glitch that is to be fixed


Shadow searing skull doesn’t actually act as an opener/a linker, as it doesn’t allow you to cancel into linker/double/ender. This means you always need at least one break point after the searing skull to allow for a meterless ender.

It being breakable would also greatly hinder the point of the change, as it was made to keep players standing to allow Spinal to build curses during a combo.

I dunno dude I didn’t make the game.

The point of shadow scarab is to do traps and stuff. It ended up being used for a lot more than that, free hit confirms off jump fierce and whatever.

Shadow skull is only really used to apply an instinct curse, it’s not used for damage or gross mixups or whatever, and you can’t avoid opener-ender because of it.

But isnt Shadow Scarab a breakable linker when used midcombo?

Regardless - Shadow Searing Skull acts as a linker now and it should be breakable just like Glacius shadow hail linker.

There should be no unbreakable linkers in KI - except for Instinct canceled or ressource canceled linkers.

But thats just my opinion.

My guess is IF it gets changed to match Spinal’s properties that the damage on it would be greatly reduced when used as a linker in combo. Glacius hits hard already and it’d be the only way to maintain balance. Additionally increase the window to make manuals easier to perform afterwards.

It doesn’t act as a linker. If it was,you can cancel auto doubles from it which you can’t

You can’t just say oh this characters shadow projectile leaves them standing and unbreakable so then glacius’ should as well. That’s not how balancing works. You have to look at the whole character.

They made this change on purpose. He had a lot of changes, I don’t see how making his ability to put on instinct curse breakable when it never was before makes sense.

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The close version is, yes (in S2). They’re talking about the far version, which was not the 5-hit spit version, and people found ways to use it in combos.

I dunno, I kind of see Spinal shadow skull kind of like Arbiter’s shadow energy shield. Its main purpose is not damage, it’s to apply some buff/debuff to the characters and it also gives them an easy manual. Glacius shadow hail is, in theory, only used for damage (in reality, it’s never used because shadow shoulder is better in almost every way mid-combo).

I mean, you could argue maybe shadow skull should do less damage or whatever. But I think if you make it breakable, it has to do big boy damage. Also, if you make it breakable, then it’s also breakable in juggles too, like after a launcher ender. That kind of stinks, I think. I’m fine with it being low damage and unbreakable, but just my opinion.

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Mayas Daggers act as Linkers too - you can only manual after them but to me they are linkers.

To me a linker is a special move that links a auto double or a manual into another auto double or manual (outside of double or triple manuals).

There is no written definiton of a linker anywhere.


In my opinion it does not act logical to have non breakable shadow linkers in the game when the game itself tells you that you can break them. On juggles fine make all unbreakable even Shadow Hail but grounded they should follow the same rule. Thats my opinion though.

And doesnt add Shadow Searing Skull enough Potential damage to gain a Level 3 Ender immediately?

How to balance it is another topic - there are always ways to balance it. But it does not need to do big damage imo - it prevents the opponent from gaining instinct and if you have a skull - from meter in one unbreakable sequence.

That is your definition. I will go back into the dojo when I go home to confirm the definition of linker.

In Dojo it says a linker is a special attack that extends your combo after an Auto.

In a game full of exceptions to rules, you are truly shocked that there is an exception to a rule?

I mean, okay, if thats how you feel about it, I can’t stop you.

I’m more interested in hearing WHY some facet of the game should be re-examined. Including thoughts, based on that character’s complete toolset, as to WHY you feel that way. I don’t find direct comparisons between Move A on Character A to Move B on Character B very useful at all, as they completely ignore the rest of the game to try to make a (cheap) point.


Didn’t know you could actually do that… well time to pick up Spinal for a bit longer.

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