Why is shadow lords impossible!

They say “challenging” has balanced enemies. Why am I getting power 3 enemies. And why is every omen power level 4! Also I found out level 4 is equal to killer difficulty in single player!!! And normal is hard enough as it is.

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That’s what level four is? CRAAAPPPPP

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Normal is borderland unplayable. lol

Wait till you get to power lvl5, it literally tells you the difficulty is impossible which is really not but so god damn hard on challenging.

[quote=“REYNOSOFUA11, post:4, topic:14936”]
[/quote]Oh I know, this is Gargos on NORMAL with all of his buffs removed.
Impossible is right.

For beating him you can expect a whopping 400 gems!

i’ve received 2 SL gems. What effects it does to the caracter who use it? There’s no description at the barracks.

I’m not entirely sure what those are.

I’m gonna fight him on challenging tomorrow morning without his buffs, it’s time for a rematch only this time I’m gonna win.

VENGEANCE IS MINE!!! Finally got him on my second play through.

Really? Those Omens are killer level? Interesting…