Why doesn't Rash zip sometimes?

I’ve been sitting here in training mode far half an hour and I can’t find the reason why sometimes Rash’s tongue doesn’t pull him. I get that if he eats a projectile it doesn’t move him but sometimes randomly I’ll try to chase someone down and he won’t zip. Anyone know why?

Which way are you using the tongue? I don’t think he’ll zip if it doesn’t hit the edge of the screen. I know what you’re talking about, but I only notice it when I try to zip from full screen.

I think @EveryManJack is correct, based on this, anyway.

Keep in mind it doesn’t reach full screen.

Think about, can you zip line without hitting something?

I guess that all makes sense. I’m so used to Marvel with Spider-man and Spencer’s zips that pull you whether they hit anything or not.

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As ironic as it is, you’ve been playing too many anime games.

Hey good question though… that’s what the community is for, bring your problems & your praise here