Why doesnt rash have a stage?

just wondering ? it seems kinda peculiar why they didn’t make him one

I for one don’t think any of the guest characters should get their own stage.

The devs decided that they would divert developed resources elsewhere for season 3, so we’re only getting 3 stages throughout the season. The stage relighting and upcoming Shadow Mode are where some of the efforts went, along with whatever other modes and features they have planned. A lot of people don’t think the compromise was worth losing 5 stages, but it’s too late to turn things around now. The best we can hope for is to get a bonus stage or two by the end of the year if things go well.

I will say one thing…if they are going to stick to the 3 stages thing the least they could do is use the right character music when playing on survival. Rash is set to Kan-ra’s stage, and it plays the stage default music.



Sorry dude this was a bad move but hey its one we have to live with.

More to the point mira and gargos not having a background is more frustrating.

I’ll miss gargos castle stage


I wanted to see a gargos stage so bad xD


Yeup I said the same thing. You don’t even get Rash’s music in the ladders… Lame.

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How do you guys change the music. I still don’t know how to do this in character select.

Its when you’re choosing the stage, check the options at the bottom of the screen I think.

Should be the Y button I believe.