Why does losing in KI makes me mad

Don’t get me wrong i love playing KI but sometimes when i’m getting beaten up or having the greatest of losing streaks it gets me really heated up and angry so much that one time i threw my controller to the ground or just put it on the table and wait them to beat me.

I know it’s just a game were you’re supose to let loose and have fun with it but i don know why but every time i get angry more easily in this game than in other online games.

Please write down in the comments if you have the same problem or if there’s a ‘‘cure’’ or solution for it.

Edit: Thank you all for great support on my little
problem. I do understand that it’s all me that i must know to cope and
accept my loss in a fighting game and learn of my mistakes.

It’s maybe also why i’m getting easily anrgy it’s because i play in
ranked matches and since the season 3 started they restarted it so i
have to play back to the killer rank all over again and from that the
stakes are huge to not lose and get promoted. I guess the solution is to
not play ranked so much and go with lobby or regular online matches.

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Jeez dude. Have a talk with somebody that loves you and calm the eff down.

Here’s a cure; don’t play. It’s not hard. If you’re salty don’t play.


I also get mad sometimes. But I always find a solution after some time. The best thing to do is come to the forums and ask for advice.

When you finally learn what you have been doing wrong, and you start training more and fixing the problem, it feels really good, and removes anger.

Hit me up if you need any help like that.

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Playing with or against friends helps ease the tension.

Hi dude.

Well… I had the same problem as you before, and it still happens sometimes.

The reason is because you give to much importance to the game/put to much stake in it.
Remember it is a game, it is not your life, it is not important, it is just entertainment and fun.

Sometimes you get mad cuz’ you think your opponent is a scrub, but still, he is beating you up. Maybe he is just better than you and you can’t read his moves. Accept it, there is no shame.

You need to take some perspective on it :slight_smile:

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Here’s the thing. It IS important if it is what you’re using for entertainment purposes and you’re not having fun. The very definition of the term “game” is thus - an activity that leads to fun and cheer.


I don’t know a single person alive who likes to lose, and regularly. Let the guy vent and don’t tell them what to do (to take a step back from what they are trying to enjoy or to change their perspective, for example). Instead, offer something positive in support of what they’re doing - like advice that will improve their performance, such as tips or tricks, for example.

Saying “don’t play” is not a solution - it’s a scapegoat.

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Well you also have to realize there are different levels of mental states that are going into a game.

A father beat his stepdaughter to death with an Xbox controller the other day- source, nydailynews.com

A mother drove her teen daughter MILES to beat up an online bully from A CHATROOM. source, nydailynews.com

We have a lot of similar sensitive players that are using this game.

If someone is destroying their controller over losing a KI match, there may be more serious issues at hand here.


I don’t agree at all.

But I can’t go further because my English is too poor to express what I feel.

Yo @GalacticGeek i was offering my opinion. A game may be for fun but it’s still about your perspective whether or not you have fun, and if OP can’t chill and gets salty every trucking time he plays he needs to take a break and play something that wont upset him. What would you have me or anyone else say in this scenario? [quote=“GalaxyStarX, post:1, topic:8715”]
Please write down in the comments if you have the same problem or if there’s a ‘‘cure’’ or solution for it.

I gave my opinion. Thats how to cure it, walk away. If he can’t figure out how to have fun playing a game, why play in the first place?


We can’t be psychiatrists we aren’t going to coo and soothe those in need of professional help.

Evidently there are a lot of uber drivers that shouldn’t be driving as well.
You want to go give all of them a hug?

Oddly enough, KI is the only fighting game where I don’t get mad/upset/salty when I lose online simply because in this game, I feel like every loss is my own fault instead of losing to something in any other game that my character can’t fight against. Even though people consider Aganos as bottom tier in this game, I feel like he has enough tools to where I can reasonably win any fight if I play a bit smarter than my opponent.

I had a similar issue with Ultra Street fighter 4 (kinda)

I got USF4 in 2015 through a steam sale and since I had never properly played the original street fighter 4 or even any other street fighter before properly, I started fresh and thought I would be Ok online after say a months practice or something (although at the time I was still relatively new to fighting game and I still am kinda)

I go online with M. Bison and…well I had many close matches but I lost in the end (not much has changed for me). I think my win record right now is only 28% although I have only had like 50 matches (yeah I am not great at street fighter 4 :sob:)…now a days, my Bison (and my skill for all characters) has drastically improved although nothing to the extent of pros or even low level pros (I can’t do all this ex move canceling and stuff)

I don’t see losing a fight online as an issue (especially in a close fight) since I think that if I consider what I did wrong and ways to improve my game plan how I can get better…but when you get a fight where you lose to a jumper or something yeah I feel pretty ashamed ( or damn condor diving T.Hawks) but right after in the rematch I just head stop them to death

Trust me even after a bunch of loses once you get that close match sweet victory it will feel way better

I’m going to tell him to stop playing until he calms down. He’s probably losing so much because he’s too angry to play effectively.

@GalaxyStarX dude, if you’re so pissed off that you have throw your controller, you need to take a break. Playing anymore is just going to piss you off more. Whenever you let your emotions control you, you’re out of control. Good players are always in control of themselves.

Come to the realization that you will lose… a lot. But that is ok because everyone loses a lot at first. Also come to the realization that you will eventually get better if you take the time to learn from your mistakes instead of just getting salty.

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KI doesn’t nearly make me as salty as other ranked games. I feel like it was my fault, although I still get salty on the rare occasion. The only game that doesn’t make me mad ever is smash because there is no “ranked”, basically every match is exhibition.

I believe I’ve already answered this question up above. :wink:

That being said, I’m not necessarily disagreeing with you. Anger is a temporary wall that does need to be walked around - you can’t punch through it. Trying to do that will just knock the wall into another wall, into another wall, etc. Before you know it, you have a domino effect of lose > rage > lose more > rage more… and since you can’t control whether you lose or not, it’s up to the individual to keep calm and carry on. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was simply making a suggestion that would be a long-term solution rather than something that’s short term, like your suggestion was. :relieved:

Losing in any game is par for the course. It’s gonna happen. There are ALWAYS people better than you and it takes months of practice to improve. Take your losses as learning opportunities. You are the one in control of the character not the other way around. So many people, though, just hate losing due to their competitive nature. Those people, oftentimes blame everything else but their own play styles. It’s why KI has devices built-in like recordings of all the matches you’ve played up to a certain point AND the introduction of the Shadow Lab to have you train an Adaptive AI to learn how you play and make slight improvements.

That part of the game is one of the best ways to learn to play and see where your strengths and weaknesses are. Fight against your own AI after a time and see how you can improve, and against AI of all character types. Compared to most players I’m average and most certainly not the best player, maybe one day, but I play because I love the game itself, the nostalgia, the ambiance, the music, the excellent sound design around the stages and characters. Most of all the announcers hype you up to keep up the fight.

Do I get mad when I lose in KI?

Only to my brother. Also take @MrxFlutterShy has the right idea.

So funny how many scrubs are down talking you inn this thread yes it’s easy to get mad in this game more then any other game because ppl who play act like they have no idea what they’re doing and somehow it works for example like a mashing Shago or wulf/riptor they just know enough to abuse the scrubby tools given to them and have zero fundamental FG skill and or neutral but allowed to guess break and counter break without any care cus they can be rewarded for it which I’m sure is the cause of your anger i just play high Lvl players only or just pop in MK and play at least decent players from that game that get exposed for mashing unlike this one

Whatt? Its supposed to be for fun? I dont play games for fun. This is WAR!