Why does IG keep fixing what ISN'T broken? Instead of what IS broken?

Why does IG waste time, money and manpower into a new lighting engine instead of fixing rat Sabrewulf?

Why remove the beautiful camera angles in Shago’s boss Ultimate by making the screen go black (which make so all the work DH put into the camera angles disappear even in his own stage - !!!).

Why create a new (uglier, more generic) Shadow Move effect for plot reasons… When a) the previous effect was one of the few “next Gen” things in the entire game, and b) the writing is the worst thing in both seasons of the game?

Why remove the darkening of fireballs altogether, when other effects like motion blur had an optional toggle in the menu so people who think it’s distracting can decide for themselves?

Why make the season have FIVE less stages and change the whole way music, characters and ultras work with each other (Mick’s work was the most impressive thing about the whole game - it deserved an award)… If the trade-off isn’t what the fans would want (Ultimates)?

Why create new mechanics like stagger instead of making air counter breakers animate better?

Why do major reworks of say, Spinal, instead of polishing the hair of some season 1 characters?

Why be faithful to some retro outfits but completely change others (TJ, Maya, Thunder)?

Why is the post-win stat screen STILL blow up the gamma? They’ve been promising to fix that since how many updates ago, and it still happens in season 3.

We keep hearing they don’t have the time and budget… BUT THEY KEEP CHANGING THINGS THAT DON’T NEED TO BE FIXED while ignoring things the community has asked hundreds or thousands of times over these two years!


The lighting change is something people asked for.

Just because they’re not YOUR requests doesn’t make them bad changes.

It’s an improvement through and through. And the game’s going to get better. One step at a time. I’m sure all of that stuff will be fixed in the future.


Why do people keep posting about what IS ALREADY a thread on the forum? Instead of what IS NOT a thread?


Hey. New lighting is awesome. There is a reason the screen goes black. Do you want his Ultimate on only his stage then? Shadows are debatable. The fireball part you have a point. We don’t know the tradeoff for 3 stages yet. Your asking why make the gameplay better when you can make the other game mechanics look slightly better. Gameplay over graphics. Thunder’s has a valid reason for not having his retro. All I hear are opinions that you think are right.


I always assumed that one day they will come out and say:
"Surprise! The reason why there is only 3 stages, is because we went back and tweaked every bad visual in the game!"
I expected Season 3 to be a Season 2, but with EVERYTHING re-vamped to make the game look like a true 2016 game.


I feel the same way. Season 3 should be a POLISHING season. Refining what’s already there and actively addressing community complaints.

I really like the new stage lighting, but we never asked for purple shadow effects… But we did ask for Orchids hair to be fixed, Sabrewulf retro fix, and animation fixes for TJ and Maya. And there’s a “Where’s the Ultimates?” Thread created at least every two weeks.

We’re only getting 8 characters again this season, so I just wanna know what the 3 stage trade-off is…

Lighting is nice tho, but everything else you are on point here.

All those things you list are things that I ask myself, it seems like with every step forward they take 2 steps backwards on many occasions.

“We keep hearing they don’t have the time and budget… BUT THEY KEEP CHANGING THINGS THAT DON’T NEED TO BE FIXED while ignoring things the community has asked hundreds or thousands of times over these two years!”

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Yeah, I agree, at least in the case of the Shadow effects. They were great, didn’t need to be changed. Some retros or character hairdos are rather unsightly and those have not been fixed.

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3 stages? 1 Ultimate?, we can’t do 1 for each character but we can turn the cool looking shadow moves to a generic ugly purple effect that doesn’t show the ripple flow but hey it will be because of the Shadow Lord Gargos? At this point you put a frog character in the game, don’t try to change something that doesn’t need to be changed and use the excuse of “because of Gargos” or “because lore”

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You guys need to chill.

It’s not the end of the world.

Fan-service and feedback only go so far…AND IT HAS GONE EXTREMELY FAR WITH KI.

Not sure if you’ve noticed or anything.


I have to say that the lighting thing is starting to look REALLY bad for me.

The screenshots we got at first are nice, but during the arbiter stream, we got to see Glacius, Spinal, and aganos’ stages, and they all look pretty bad.

Aganos Looks AWFUL on his own stage. They tried to make a light-in-back dark-in-front lighting contrast, but the edges of his rocks are not smooth, so it looks like a GLITCH more than anything. You see similar effects when lighting systems bug-out in other games. None of the light sources seem right at all. Also, there are no shadows or character lighting effects on the interactions between the characters and the light-rays coming from the ceiling in that stage.

Spinal’s stage looks exactly the same, but the green spectral glow is removed from everything. The entire thing looks like you are seeing it through a PURPLE filter. Yes, i said purple.

Glacius’ stage looks close to the same, But now instead of all of the VFX coming together to form a believable blizzard in the background, you can clearly see the individual effects that make it up. Which breaks the immersion and reveals the trcks going on behind the scenes.

All of the old stages looked good because they were SEAMLESS. The new lighting breaks those seams and highlights the elements used to create their effects in an ugly way. Im beginning to think there is a reason we only got screenshots of a few stages. Because the other stages do not look as good.

So it can be done on any stage, instead of just one.

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Why complain that the game is getting continued development and support?

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The only real complaint I have is the 3 stage thing.

It’s not about continued development, did you read the OP, Zero?

It’s about the always response about tiny budget and constrains and still wasting efforts on non desired features.

I desire ALL of the new features


I actually wanted the lighting thing to happen, I didn’t know they would do it so early but I’m glad it’s done just too bad we have to sacrifice other things for it and at this point what about season 1 's polish? All I know is season 4 should be for season 1 story, costume touchups, hair, adding intros, and ultimate and the rest dlc which will include retro stages and extra costumes.

No one said it’s the end of the world. I’m simply addressing problems with the game that many have pointed out over time, and should be fixed before IG spends time/resources on any other bright ideas.

I don’t want KI to be just ‘good enough’, I want KI to be exceptional.

Keits stated in the recent stream that before the lighting changes were implemented, he couldn’t play on Cinder’s stage because it was too red. He confirmed he is red-green color blind. So I’m guessing a lot of the visual changes might have to do with him being the combat designer and needing to actually see what he is designing.

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