Why do you guys get kicked from the lobby?

I know its happened to all of us but for a lot and I mean a lot of reasons when I’m in lobby I get kicked out a lot for my play style, Like sometimes I’m paired with noobs and I go easy on them. Like real easy, as in I start attacking when I’m in danger easy. I tend to let them win a couple times, but than I actually start defending myself and I win once (barely lol) and I get kicked out of lobby. I also get kicked out of lobbies whenever I play as omen, or when the players see me with a high level aganos (47) I`m getting kicked out of everything for little to no reason, and no before you ask me I don’t teabag, ive been working on that, infact I get teabagged ALOT in ranked and also in lobby. I was teabagged about 10x tonight lol. Anyway do you guys get kicked out of lobbies after you guys play well or win?

Depends on who you’re fighting.Most lower leveled players(qualifier-silver) don’t like to play against someone they know they cannot beat, while if you’re playing higher skilled players (gold-killer) you’re less likely to get kicked because they will want a challenge.

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I get auto-kicked from the lobby due to my poor connection if there are 5 or more players in the lobby. I have reason to believe that this is a performance-standard feature that was implemented to ensure good connections - in other words, the game says “F U!” :frowning:

I get kicked because my rank. I’ll be able to spectate matches but when my turn comes up im kicked. My rank has been a scarlet letter for me it seems.

Is it a high or low rank?

low ranks bronze to gold kick me because im killer rank. i try to make it a point to enter with a low level alt character as my previously selected fighter lol. doesnt work alot of the time, especially doesnt work after they see my hisako rip ■■■■ up in the arena either

Im killer