Why do we have to wait until the 18th to buy Shadow Jago

As a ultra combo pack buyer since day one i find it’s rubbish we have to wait until the 18th to buy shadow jago. I honestly didn’t know about the promotion it had to get him with the sponsor pack for the tournament fund until it was too late i blame the poor advertising but i digress. I just find it’s BS to know other people have him and i can’t purchase him i hate marketing strategies like these it belittles all the other and make them fell like" Oh it’s to bad you can’t have him because you’re not part of the elite" lets be honest it’s your average joes that make the game as popular as it is on a ratio i believe its 100:1 average joes to tournament player. Sorry bout the rant you guys its just i am so passionate about this game and the wait is killing me. If you agree or disagree with my post comment and let me know

There were two opportunities to get Shadow Jago - at the Xbox One launch and during the Community Fundraiser. The Community Fundraiser was advertised in the main menu (the Slider? or whatever it’s called), on their Facebook, and I’m pretty sure on Twitter. So I believe there was plenty of notice about it.

But, for those who didn’t pay into the fundraiser, there’s still an entire month of availability coming up - those of us who backed the fundraiser only have two weeks of additional access to him, which I really don’t think is too bad, considering Ultra Edition owners (both you and myself) got access to new characters about a week or so earlier during Season 2.

Nothing against you for not backing, but I just don’t think your points about the two week time period or advertising have much to stand on. I’m nowhere near a tournament player, and I think they’re giving plenty of opportunity to gain access to Shadow Jago.

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Anyone have an idea how much will they charge for him?

my guess is between $5-$10

So the people who have had him for two years get a week of exclusivity before everyone else gets him.


The thirst is REAL!!!

Buy a shago code or wait till next saturday… you knew about the community fund and the shago skin conversion… you knew…if your that passionette…you knew

would if i knew were to get it…the MKX train had me there for awhile then i was randomly on youtube and saw ppl talking about it …when i went to purchase it i was too late… the shame the shame i tell you…dark days lol

You can survive a week guys… Jeebus. :unamused:

Ehh, I still don’t have Shago either, but this isn’t exactly the hill I want to die on. I hope they see the light on bringing the exclusivity to a permanent end eventually, since otherwise that is just awkward for competition (especially online and local community competition, so I’m not just thinking about the pros), but waiting a week and forking out for a separate character that IG worked hard on, who wasn’t even really going to happen in the first place, seems like a reasonable compromise all round to what has been a sordid controversy over exclusivity for a while now.

We’re talking about two weeks here people. 14 days. So, you’re telling me that you can wait the 712 + days since KI was released to get hold of Shago, but the 14 days when other people have him but you don’t are just killing you? If you are that impatient, then pay more attention and don’t miss out when they sell stuff.