Why do we have to pay for Guardians?

I’ve spent over $140, on all 3 Ultra seasons, and now I have to pay to $40 to unlock 4 Guardians, which probably doesn’t include all upcoming Guardians? In MKX, they don’t charge extra money to play Test your luck (mode lets you use power ups). I just don’t understand. I love KI except for Shadow Lords, I will not spend more money to beat the mode or use power ups. Does anyone else feel this way? I shouldn’t have to pay more to see the new endings after already spending $140

One hyphenated phrase and a word, friend: In-game currency.

You don’t NEED to use real money to buy guardians u can if you want to and whether you decide if it’s worth it depends on your preference but it’s possible to beat shadow lords multiple times with out spending a dime.

You can get plenty of astral gems from just playing Shadow Lords. It may take a while, but you’ll have more than your fair share of guardians (even Perfect Killers) with patience and a bit of luck.

Yeah but how long do you think it would take? I’m guessing 6 months of grinding just to unlock 1 Guardian.

Not even close to true. You can get Green and Blue Guardians in an hour or 2, and the Killer Guardians can be acquired after 1 or 2 days, depending on how much you play. This is in no way close to being exorbitant.

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You can get at least one Epic pack in a day, which comes with 2 high level guardians. By the end of my first week I had at least one Killer Guardian of each type. It’s a bit of a slow burn at first while you’re still figuring things out, but once you get your first Blue or Purple it basically works itself out.

Plus, most lower level enemies can be crushed easy even without guardians, which can help save on the Astral Energy you need to feed the little buggers. Using crafted items can help even the odds in the mean time, and they help increase the chances of success on deployments, which can help increase the number of missions you complete and therefore save some time.

Yeah, so I already have several epic guardians. I have played a significant but by no means tremendous amount of Shadow Lords. You may choose to like or dislike many things about the mode but it definitely doesn’t ask you to do anything unreasonable and it’s not pay to win.

…yeah, I had a Killer guardian and several Epics within 2 or 3 days of starting playing, and these weren’t day-long sessions.

Keep in mind that you’re expected to fail many runs, and should be strategically choosing to bail and restart fairly often. If you’re pushing up against Very Hard mimics in several locations then you may find yourself spending all the in-game currency (shards?) you earn on medic packs to heal your dudes, at which point you’re just treading water and really need to cut and run.

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6 months of grinding for 1 guardian? Please… lol I haven’t bought any KI gold for packs. Just watch this video I made. You’ll see how many guardians I have.

What? Expected to fail?

This almost made me laugh out loud. Like for real, were you joking with this? One Common Guardian only cost 500 AGs, and you can get that in like 5 or 10 minutes…if that.

It is hella easy to get guardians in this mode, but to get the ones you want you have to have persistence. I haven’t played SL in about 2 weeks or so, but all I’m missing are like 2 Killers, and I do want to find the KI emblemed cards that I’m missing (like 5 or 6 of them right now).