Why do some of you guys only learn one fighter or one style in fighting games?

Well, his fireflash does remind me of Guile’s flash kick, because that’s essentially what it is (but with fire!).

lvl 50 doesnt mean anything glacius is far from simple. And i dont only play glacius btw in regards to your other comment.

If they nerf any of my mains I just find ways around it. I main Sabrewulf, Glacius, and Riptor.
When it comes to changes In fighting games I’m adaptable

I don’t actually. There’s three characters I main because I like them so much. Cinder, Riptor and Fulgore. I know a bit of Jago and Glacius, but so does everybody else. So long as it doesn’t force me to relearn every tiny thing about the character I’m ok.

Some people though feel the need to complain because this may be more than just a favorite fighter. These were characters that these folks may of loved for a sentimental reason and thus feel it’s unfair to change them.

My main reasons for sticking with my three maims mostly: they interest me the most out of all characters.

That’s just an assumption though.

Arguabley Glacius was one of the hardest characters to learn in season one, even more so than Fulgore in my opinion.

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Some people choose characters because they have an attraction to them in one way or another, they like how they look, they have a cool personality, their theme is just badass, they’ve loved them since they were nine years old… Not all people pick characters simply on their viability or how well they play or want to just jump from character to character.


I use multiple characters but only really tried to learn 4. I want to learn all but some of the gameplay styles for certain characters isn’t for me.

Which ones are those?

I play all characters, don’t really main just one.

Overall, for me, I don’t have the time to learn every single character, every single matchup, learn the changes in every single patch. Also, as rosters get bloated and top heavy, I lose more interest.

This is not a slam on anyone, but I have a life outside of video games and choose the one or two characters I like and play to my style with the limited game time I have available.

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It could really just be that they don’t find the other characters, or other styles fun. Or maybe they just don’t like the other characters in general. There could be people that play this game with such a vast variety of characters ranging from a werewolf to a robot, a dinosaur, a ghost girl, etc, and end up only picking the black guy because they like them the best.

And I will always believe that it is possible that they have tried every character but still can’t get a grasp of them for whatever reason. They just keep coming back to that black guy because they feel the most familiar and they like him the best. It’s not their fault. It’s just what they prefer. I should know. I feel the same way for the majority of the games that I play.

And I find that when only playing one character, especially in this game, you learn how to deal with matchups significantly better. You might be the guy that figures out how to deal with a 7-3 matchup and change the way people look at that matchup completely.


Thanks for the advice. This is how got into Aganos and Kan Ra. And it definitely helped going into practice mode with them. Now I even play them once a while.

However, I disagree that it’s the best method to learn MUs. Plenty of people dig up framedata and do pretty well as specialists in one character.

Debatable which is more time efficient or effective (I strictly played Deejay in SFIV just out of preference as others pointed out is a valid reason too. Never complained about buffs).

Hail, Jump in MK, shoulder tackle, combo, repeat.

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you sound like you study glacius hard. Look at your master tech. Dont come on here and run down characters you know nothing about. Good job beating a godlike lvl 50 kappa

my advice to you is get good with at least one character before you move on

Personally I’m a ‘one track mind’. I don’t have much time to learn a game (I’m away ~11/12 hours a day because of work and travel time), let alone the whole cast. I can, but I prefer to learn a single character and being a better player with that character than being able to use the whole cast but at a lower level.

And nerfs and complete character overhauls didn’t stop me from playing Sadira. I picked up Hisako but I’m just so much better with Sadira that I don’t even find it worthwile to invest more time into Hisako, even tho I love the character. I just use her in certain matchups where Sadira struggles. Learning all the matchups to the extent that I know them with Sadira just feels like a lot of work that I don’t really need to do.

Character loyalty … And sometimes ppl just are attracted to one character

I’m not saying I’m mastering Glacius. But I know him well enough to avoid this vortex and how to get out of it when stuck in it. I found this out by playing as him for a little bit.

I’m not telling everyone to wastes 100+hours to know the ends and outs of each char. Just get a feel for them.

I don’t have the time to learn all the characters, so I usually just stick with two. I’m going to add a third character to the rotation come season 3.

  1. Orchid - Most used
  2. Spinal - Still have a lot to learn.
  3. ??? - To be decided come season 3.

I really enjoy playing, for fun, with all the characters. There are only a couple that I don’t enjoy, but I won’t say which ones (Sadira).

I can play passably with most of the cast for playing against friends and casual players. With about 1/4 of them I can even use some impressive tech. But I just don’t have enough time with the game to actually play at a competitive level with all of them. So when I play to win, I play my main (Glacius). That’s my reason.

The truth is I don’t have the time or the skill to compete on an equal footing with the whole cast.

I’m either the core-balanced type because there is a purposeful connection across most FG’s to allow for casual but consistent play, or I’m the spammable quick character because I can use the mobility to avoid the patterns I see and strike when I need to.

I’d have to say that because of how a FG’s metagame evolves, over hopefully years, and how some characters continue through sequels with modifications, I have no worries for those that find that “one” that absolutely cannot change.
They have yet to realise that for themselves to grow they cannot stay the same.

And it is awesome to watch those types of players eventually beat those that counter-pick them.
Present company included, of course :smiley: