Why do some of you guys only learn one fighter or one style in fighting games?

I hear the same complaints over and over again about patches changes somebody’s favorite fighter.

“They nerfed Subzero!? ■■■■ this garbage game!”

“They nerfed Thunder and change TJ completely! IG is trash!”

Listen, the best way to learn the MUs and how to become a better fighter is to become a jack of all trades. That way you can learn all of the chars faults and how to exploit them with your main.

Spinal’s wake up teleport used to frustrate me so much. When I decided to pick him I tried to do it against others, I just got thrown out of it. That’s how I learned how risky his teleport is. Now I can exploit it properly. I did the same thing with Glacius bread n butter combos. I learned them, and now I know how to defend against them.

(*Side note: Glacius is so simple to learn, I rekt a level 50 player on my 2nd time playing as Glacius)

If you only bother to learn one char, especially in this game, you’re just going to get frustrated. There isn’t much effort involved either. Just take a day, and focus on a char you’ve never played before. Do it again next week and repeat until go through all the chars. You might even find a new main that you enjoy playing.


Okay, 1st of all, I am a jack of all trades kind of player, but I can answer your thread’s title in 2 very simple words: personal preference.


That’s an excuse but not a good reason.

You’re going to spend $$ on KI, MK or SF just to play Subzero and Ryu? That’s just silly and you’re doing a disservice to yourself with your limits. (I’m not targeting you. I’m talking about the people who do this stuff)

I’m not saying you’re going to like every char on the roster. But I can guarantee that the vast majority of you can find multiple chars that you’ll enjoy playing.

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Okay, how about this then: the character they play is the only character they’ve paid for.

That’s ok then. But if you only paid for one char, I doubt that you’re on the internet complaining about patches.

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…and why not? If the 1 character they liked (and/or owned) happened to suddenly change in such a way that they felt it was worse or turned into something so different as to no longer be fun to use, why wouldn’t they?

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Because 1) the game also rotates free to play chars and 2) this a fighting game that advertises that there will be continual updates and changes to the game as it grows. Everything, isn’t going to cater to you and your fighter.

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Well, my reason for playing only fulgore is that i really love his design. Don’t get me wrong I love the design of almost all characters in the game but, fulgore appeals so much to me that i want to play no matter the changes they make to him. I know it isn’t a good thing to know only one character, and only now i experiment with thunder, but fulgore will always be the robot that i keep close to my heart.

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If you stick to one and only one. You will perfect that characters weaknesses and strengths.

  • as GG mentioned above, personal preference.
    I play everyone, but of course I play better using some characters over the other.

That said I find it boring to play against people that use the same character all the time.
I was playing smash bros with a friend a while back. He kept using Bowser and Bowser only. I got bored quickly.

Some people are character specialists. They feel a strong attachment to one fighter for whatever reason–be it design or playstyle or a mixture of the two-- and then dedicate that time to playing that character and only that character… but that doesn’t mean they aren’t learning about other characters while doing so. Often times they will play other character specialists to learn how to counter or overcome the areas they are having difficulty in. Often times these specialists are extremely strong because they haven’t split time learning others, they put all of their time into making sure their main is as strong in all aspects as they can possibly be.

Neither way is better or worse than the other. It’s just personal preference.


Just because I only play one character (Aria) doesn’t mean I don’t know the ins and outs of the rest of the cast. I could state the frame data and weaknesses of most of the cast without ever having played them. I’ve learned more from simply browsing this forums and reading twitch chats than I ever would have from trying the characters for a day.


shrug It comes down to personal preference. I can play a good chunk of the cast at at least a moderate level, but there are some characters I simply do not and have never had any desire to play as. If the style or design of a character doesn’t speak to me, then why waste time playing as them?

Character knowledge can certainly come from playing as a particular character, but there are plenty of other ways to learn about another character’s strengths or weaknesses. It can be smart to have a pocket character to bring out for problem matches, but I personally don’t feel any need to play a grip of characters I don’t even like just to say I love played everyone. That’s my take on it anyway.

I only play certain characters because I like their style or combat. That being said, if Sadira got a rework or nerfed, I wouldn’t drop her. I would just adjust and relearn the character. If they patched her and made her a shoto like Jago, Fullgore, and Orchid then I would immediately drop her. There is nothing original or interesting that I find in shoto characters. Play one of them and you’ve played them all.

Reasons why I only play Sadira, Jago and Spinal. The rest of the cast is practically the same character but with different looks.

If KI Season 3 made a truly unique character that fights in a style slightly their own I would play that character. I really want to like Kim Wuu but I have a feeling she will be dumbed down and a Shoto just to please regular players.

If I had Season 2 I would probably play Hisako and TJ Combo. I don’t like TJ’s visual appearance but his alt costumes more than make up for that. Hisako is both visually creative and combat wise unique. I like Kan Ra’s look but his playstyle looks lame. The rest of the cast just doesn’t have both or neither of the things am looking for.

So basically I stick to the characters I like unless they become Shoto’s or to easy to play.

Wait a min, You’re telling me you don’t have season 2???

Oh boy. Well its your prerogative, but I highly suggest that you give some of the season two chars a try. Even though they are hard to master, Cinder and Omen are extremely fun to play in my opinion because they have so many options and play styles. Maya is also good, but I can’t recommend her to new players because she depends so much on her daggers.

I like playing with one character because I’m a perfectionist. I learn more about the roster as I play other character perfectionists as well. This is much more beneficial, IMO, than struggling with other characters I have no desire to play with. If you get bored of my mains, then you can hit the road. I won’t lose any sleep over it.

Wait, you hate shotos but play Jago?

I probably wouldn’t like Cinder or Omen because they borrow moves from other fighters. I also don’t like them visually. Omen just seems like lazy design to me.

I said if you play one of them you’ve played them all which is why I play one Shoto. Also it has more to do with how badass Shago looks than his moves. Shago’s look pretty much nullifies my hate for Shoto’s.

Whos moves does Cinder borrow from?

For someone like me whose first serious fighter is KI, sticking to a decent all-rounder allows me to get a sense of how the various game scenarios string together, and what is effective in each.

Otherwise, for people who just don’t have much time to put into a fighting game, learning how to play one character in general – let alone a full cast worth of matchups for that one character – is often too much depth for their time as is.

Putting aside the fact that I don’t think this is quite the case for experienced players, for players who have little familiarity with playing within different fighting game archetypes (such as myself up until recently, but I think this includes a lot of players around here, since the KI community is very experience-young), going from Jago to Glacius or Riptor or even Fulgore (as I have) requires a rethink of your approach and breaking of all your habits, as well as learning to effectively implement the new archetype in a range of situations. In practice, this means you spend a bunch of time in practice mode just getting the basics down, and then a pretty long time losing games in ranked or against CPU opponents as you slowly break your habits and gain proficiency in new ones.

I grant you that it’s worth it, but I can see why people don’t go through with it.

…uh? :confused:

…actually responding to this with specifics is probably not worth it. KI gets ■■■■ from casuals and praise from competitive players for boasting radically unique characters in terms of playstyle – especially in season 2. I can only assume that you think all of the season 2 characters you didn’t mention just don’t look good visually, because you can’t rationally believe that their combat designs are unimaginative.