Why do people block gamer tags?

Most of the people who send me hate block me right after. They’ll say stuff like. “You just spam with maya! You spam her DP.” But before I can even respond one of two things happen.

  1. This person sends me twenty more messages in the span of two seconds because I didn’t respond.

  2. They cuss me out and then block me to get that sweet sense of self-satisfaction. “I showed him, get blocked scrub hue hue hue!”

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You can see if someone blocked you by going into the leader bords. If there wins , loses and character are blank then they have blocked you

If they’re getting nailed by DP spam, then that’s a problem they need to address in their self. Maya’s DP is one of the most unsafe moves in the game. Spamming it is begging for punishment, unless your opponent doesn’t know what they’re doing. :slight_smile:

In fact, thinking about it, now, Maya is one of the least spam-friendly characters in this game. Just about every one of her moves leaves you completely pwnable if you didn’t know what you were doing when you executed it.

Spam daggers: now you can’t punch
Spam DP: get ready to get block punished
Spam Command HP: Shadow counter incoming
Spam Mantis: Uh, oh. He ducked. Now you’re fucked.
Spam recapture: Say hello to anything-upper-body punish
Spam cartwheel: 11 frame startup and hits mid. Who is that threatening?

Of all the characters in this game, she’s one of maybe 3-6 whose players should never be criticized for spamming after a win. The others are probably Aganos, General RAAM, Kim Wu, and TJ Combo.

The funny part is, I only DP after a hit confirm to go into a dagger toss and then a recapture. I normally use something like c.MP to make sure DP hits. I actually play Wu too. Turns out she’s really good against Eyedol since most of them seem to have their analog stuck in the up position. I have yet to see an eyedol that wasn’t part rabbit.

Fight me then. :wink:

@TheWeebSkeeb Spamming with ANY character is a bad idea.

When i get a trash talker on mic i block them yet still run into them

Haha, I think I found one. Like this? :slight_smile:

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