Why do people block gamer tags?

I have come here to pose a very interesting question: why do so many people block you after either winning or losing? I’m not sure if I just have some kind of reputation or if they don’t want anyone to send them messages. It is quite the interesting phenomenon, and I was hoping we could find the answer to this burning question together.

Maybe because either wining or loosing they dont like fighting against the character that the person that they blocked use.

How do you know if they block you?

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That is what I want to know. How do you know if you are blocked?

I do know why some do it. They don’t want to play with people who destroy them in a match. Another is they are trying to get to killer rank, and block every loss so they only get paired with people they win against. They are trying to rig the system. Keep fighting person X for 2 hours to gain rank instead of different people who might beat you. Yes people are that petty.

I do it if I am swore at for winning, they sore loser quit, or T-bag every chance they get. I don’t block on a win/loss basis. I block using the D-bag factor.

I play to have fun and block anyone who tries to stop my good time.


I really works like that? If you block someone you will never fight against it again? Weird. Well the only one I have blocked was the guy that after a battle started sending private messages mocking me because he won. After that i just turned off the possibility to receive messages from people who are not on my friends list a lot more effective imo.

I’m not sure that’s how it works. Blocking just means you can’t initiate contact with them on XBL, I think. That would be counterproductive if blocking removed someone from your matchmaking pool :confused:

I agree.

This might not be correct, but I was under the assumption that it used to be that if you blocked someone you would never run into them. However I believe they changed this in season 3 so that Ki bypasses the block feature in ranked so that people can’t just block people that are better than them etc. I think the block will still block communications with that person though. I’m not certain on this but as I said, I was under this assumption from things said early season 3.

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In the past, if you blocked somebody you wouldn’t be able to play that person until the block was removed. However, a small fraction of the population was using it to boost their stats by avoiding hard matches against good people.

I generally only block people who send hostile messages so that I don’t have to put up with their junk. I’m a Sadira main and unfortunately she brings out the worst in people. :blush:

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I think it was mentioned in the Season 3 Ranked Changes video. I was alway for banning rude players but boosting that way is kinda silly.

Can a mod please fix the click bait title? These are getting super rude and need to stop.

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Blocking does in a way work like that. The game will do its best to never match you with the blocked person, but if no one else is available, then it will match you with them. I can say that I have never been matched with a blocked person on any X1 or 360 game.

Yeah, that’s normally how blocking works. KI overrides this though in Ranked mode, to prevent people boosting by only playing people they think they can beat.

I imagine most blocks are for rage quitting or other douchebaggery though. If a guy is a raging a-hole, no reason to run into him again if there’s an easy way not to.

I block when they start lagging while losing. That drivers me crazy. I don’t know why it happens, but a guy whos connection was working ok against me suddenly started lagging like nuts! I blocked him but the game wouldn’t stop matching me against him, so I sent him a message to block me too. I also don’t like to play more than two /three matches vs ppl I beat in ranked. But I don’t block them, I just wait hoping they get another person to fight, for variety you know (unless the guy beat me, I want that rematch) I may report what I think are lag switchers only if visible, cause disconnections happen, or if they are trolling too much. However blocking is not that great for that matter.

It’s annoying when they send messages “lag saved you if not I would’ve bodied you” what do you know?? I DO perform better without lag too, stop bragging then! It’s online so live with that (and this goes to myself too u.u ). It seems many players seem to think they only play americans. Maybe IG could put that flag feature SF has, I love it. So at least we will know we’ll be dealing with lag issues.

Normally their profile will just say “offline” even if you’re playing against them. That’s a clear indication that they blocked you.

I’m very familiar with how reputation and enforcement work on XBL.

To answwer your questions:
Blocking someone does NOT prevent you from playing against them in the future. In matchmaking for many games, you will receive an XBL automated message informing you that you are about to join a game with said blocked individual and asked if you’d like to continue. The developers at IG have stated that this will not happen in KI, so blocking someone because you don’t want to run into them again will not work.

You can tell if someone’s blocked you because if you try to add them as a friend, you will always receive an error message from XBL simply saying something along the lines of “this action cannot be completed at this time; please try again later.”

I blocked somebody yesterday. I beat him pretty handily in a ranked match, and he immediately messaged me and invited me to a rematch.I was on a winning streak in ranked and didn’t want to stop it just bc somebody was salty. He proceeded to send 3 more messages and 3 more invites over the next 20 minutes. Move on buddy, blocked.

Still though, I generally don’t check the online status of my opponents after a match. Under most circumstances knowing if someone blocked you is pretty unlikely. :sweat_smile:

The only reason I do is because of salty messages. I’ll check their profile and sure enough, I’m blocked. You’d be amazed by how many messages I get. Luckily for me, I haven’t gotten all that many this week so we’ll see how long it takes before that streak gets broken.

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I’ve only blocked one person and cause he was a little punk arse who was sending me the saltiest pm’s i’ve ever gotten in a fighting game. I think at one point he told me my parents must hate me rofl.