Why are updates pretty much a brand new game install?

it always baffled me how when we got a new character…we had to pretty much re download the entire game…i wouldnt have a problem with it…but data caps on my internet arent that high…anyways i was wondering if yall could give more info y its always a full install instead of like a 1 gig download.

You don’t have to reinstall the game, people just do that because it allows them to get the update earlier.

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He’s asking why the update installs are always 17-18 GB’s. It’s a question I’ve heard quite a few times before actually. My guess is that it’s easier to just release the development build into the wild than to try and do an incremental update that might break things unintentionally, but that’s just my own speculation. I’d be curious to get confirmation one way or another from the devs on it though.

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Yah I always assumed we were usually getting a whole new build instead of just a patch each time.

Depends if there’s patches to go with the characters. Likely they found it’s better to replace huge chunks of code rather than attempt multiple minor cut and inserts.


Yeah, it’s not the characters, it’s the patches to other parts of the game that mandate the big file size to replace stuff. Not all of the character drops have been so big.

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