Why Are People So Afraid of Orchid's Grenade?

Any character in the game with a projectile invincible shadow counter (which is pretty much the entire cast) has nothing to worry about. Even characters like TJ and Thunder can still do it because they have 1 hit of armor.

The thing people don’t realize about Orchid’s instinct and her grenade is that they are both projectiles meaning you don’t have to wait for the mix-up to avoid them. If you wait for the mixup and try to shadow counter yes the Firecat or the grenade will hit you out, but since you know the Orchid player wants to abuse you in the corner, just shadow counter the first two hits of the rekka and bam Orchid is useless again.

Orchid players will never call a firecat preemptively to try and guess if you’re going to shadow counter the rekka because it’s on a 1.5 second cool down. The best they can do is try and bait it out by only doing 1 hit and backing off which then gives you a chance.

Another strategy when she is not in instinct and is just relying on the grenade to keep her safe, just throw her. There are always gaps in the pressure. Throws will make you invulnerable to the projectile labeled grenade.


(Also I meant to post this in the General discussions page not feedback so my bad.

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…and if she chooses NOT to use a rekka because she used another special move instead (her spinning wheel kick comes to mind)? If that were to happen, wouldn’t it conceivably be harder to use a shadow counter, as she would quickly stuff you before your own attack could come out? Furthermore, you’re assuming everyone would block this setup, which you need to do to make the shadow counter work - that’s not always the case.

Still, that being said, I forgot that you could shadow-counter her rekka - thanks for reminding me! :slight_smile:

I’m not afraid of her grenade. I’m afraid that if I mess up and she touches me, she’ll take half my life bar w/o using meter. (I main Cinder and Omen)

Sometimes, I’d rather eat a throw than get stuck in her combos. So I just try to block everything or throw her within her gaps.

Are you just now realizing this? It’s not like this is some sort of secret that non-orchid players have been hiding…

I disagree… i call firecat after firecat whether it hits or not. this causEs the opponent to panic and either block or get opened up to my godike combo

Combo? As in ONLY 1 combo? You do realize that if you only do 1 combo over and over again against an even half-way decent player, you WILL lose, right? I’m sorry, but you’re going to need to mix things up effectively if you want to do what I do (win, that is). :wink:

Lol it’s never the same combo you know that.

Godlike combos

No combo is godlike… Or at least they’re not supposed to be. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

…I’d like to see your self-proclaimed “godlike” combo(s) for myself. :slight_smile:

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You do know we have a “GODLIKE” Combo title… Right @GalacticGeek? :slight_smile:

Because 20+ years of video games have taught me Grenade=Dead if it hits you. I’ll charge straight into Hail and Scarabs and Flame Carpets but as soon as Orchid throws a grenade, nope, cannot get hit by it!

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They’re afraid because it depletes your health bar. Even if it’s a slight amount, it still happens.

You ALL should fear the former queen of Killer Instinct.
Orchid is NOT to be played with.

I agree CrazyLCD (btw, your Orchid is amazing…ggs from the other day).

Orchid’s grenade, for me, is more of a nuisance than a threat. 90% of the Orchids I fight don’t even know how to use it properly. They just spam it, and as a Sadira main, I simply just jump over them.

It’s the Orchids that have learned to use them like I use webs that freak me out. Toss them in to create safe combos. Keep me cornered and then toss one at me while I’m stuck in block stun or after a hard knock down.

They are great tools for opening somebody up, or making an unsafe advance, safe.

Not afraid, but if my opponent is using it correctly I have to respect it.

I think waaaay to many people let her get away with tossing it out when it has a bazillion frames of recovery.

But when it’s the right set up I generally have to respect it. At least when she’s simply using it to make her mixup safe, I can challenge her trying to take frame advantage with my Shadow Leap, but if she’s content to just be safe and block it does prevent me from punishing. If that’s the case imma get Shadow countered.

Don’t fear it. But respect it.

Grenades go boom. Boom is bad. Scary Mixups.

I am not afraid of it, but I am very careful of it, because if I am busy beating Orchid into a corner and that thing goes off; the tables turn quick.Orchid isn’t someone you want beating on you.

I’m not afraid of it, I just do my best not get caught by it :stuck_out_tongue:

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