Why are digital sales almost never disclosed?

We never get numbers of steam sales, dlc sales, expansion sales… why?
we only get numbers of physical copies sold. This is bad specifically for KI fans, because we can never really know how well it is doing, as it is digital only (boxed edition aside).
Is there a reason digital sales are never disclosed?

They’re not “never” disclosed but they certainly aren’t as transparent.

A lot of times they cannot distinguish between the free copies and the bought copies. At least that’s what they say.

However in KI’s case, I don’t believe you’d get what you’re looking for from the sales perspective. The number of players versus the number of full or partial supporters isn’t a reliable number by Combo Breaker and Ultra Combo sales.

It’s free to play 1 character in its entirety at a time for all possible achievements without every paying.
If one likes a character or 2, they can buy them. Luckily once you buy 4 characters, you can just call in and upgrade to the full game.
… The majority of people that buy the full game are in the top 20% or so of passionate supporters.
The ones that bought bonus packs, they likely to be in the top 5-1% of passionate supporters.

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