Why any kick won't working?

If I push A, B and RT to kick. Right? But it’s not working… Because My Kan-Ra didn’t any kick, when I push buttons. I can’t use Kan-ra’s swarm and spike! Kan-Ra could do any hits for X, Y and RB. But A, B and RT won’t working! I’m try to use Kan-Ra’s swarm and spike! But he still won’t do moves! What’s wrong with any kick?.. Please tell me! D:

Do those buttons work in other games?

I just play Dead Space and MKXL. They are working, but KI… Is it glitch or problems?

You probably changed the controls around accidentally, check the control settings ingame.

I already check. But I didn’t change control… So I try to use my xbox one black controller, it’s working. But I think my lunar white controller have only problems with KI…

Nevermind. It’s working!


how did you get it to work im having the same problem