Why 26 Gigs?

Why is the update 26 gigs? Also for the E3 reveal of RAAM I noticed Jago had a new color. Are we getting new sets of colors per character?

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Because the patch its not only RAAM and balance, there is some Shadow Lords content in it for sure.

Dunno about Jago’s color, maybe his figure new color, as fulgore, shago and so?

I’m actually kind of hoping that they make an E3 announcement on Friday and turn on Shadow Lords. But we will see.

My Xbox live downloads are running pathetically slow right now - despite the rest of my internet working like lightning. Not sure if MS is having server issues or if they are overwhelmed with E3 traffic.

In this case I normaly recommend a hard reset of both xbox and router.

If that doesn’t work… I dunno what to say :S

I frequently reset the Xbox, but that hasn’t helped. I haven’t touched my router because other people are reporting something similar - and because the rest of my internet is working fine. If it persists I will give it a go.


Is it normal to have downloaded 8,1 Gb Yesterday, restarting the PC the following day with 8,1 GB and suddenly drop back to 1 Gb? I guess it’s just a visual bug (happened the same thing last time we had a huge patch too), but would like to know if some other gamer with a PC had the same issue.

I just finished downloading last night…even then being at 100% it took a while to clear from the queue.