Who's your main fighter?

I’ve mostly been curious on what’s everyone’s favourite character to use. Mine is definitely Hisako or as I like to call her “The Lovely Onryō” for obvious reasons! So who’s your main fighter?

I’m stuck on two, they’re glacius and omen. One is long range and defensive while the other is close range and offensive, they seem like a good match for me.

Definitely Tusk right now. He’s just the one in the most comfortable with right now, and the one I’ve put the most time into during Season 3. I also have a feeling I’m going to start feeling partial to Shago once again.
Looking forward to seeing Mira and Gargos tho


Tusk hands down at reveal i didn’t think i’d enjoy playing him as much as i do.

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Omen, rash is creeping up though.


Spinal is my main

Fulgore cuz I liked his Terminator/Predator mixed design.
I’m trying to handle Arbiter but this one is not easy to use…

Maybe later I will try to play a third one. I find there are some many exciting characters in KI3 !!!

Kim Wu, Jago & TJ!

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I am at peace with my Aganos.


Chief Thunder


Kan-Ra, Spinal and TJ Combo!

Hisako. Ghost girl is just too much fun :smile:

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Fulgore. Beep beep.

Shadow Jago & Spinal.


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I can also use Fulgore and Rash a bit, but Spinal is my #1.

TJ Combo because of the constant pressure I can apply with him and Tusk because of the punishment he can take and dish out. Tusk can be completely dominated and still win a few combos that take tons of health off an opponent.


Still sticking with Wulf.

It looks like I’ve found a new secondary in Tusk though. I haven’t yet tried Arbiter though and I might.

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