Who's your main and why?

As a new player I’d be very interested to know this?


I’ve got a few characters I like to jump around with (though I try to play the entire roster). Riptor, Sadira, Fulgore, Tusk…
But the character I’ve definitely spent the most time with is Sabrewulf. He’s been my boy since Season 1, and though I’ve ventured off I always come back for a lot of the same reasons.

-When I first got the game, Sabrewulf was the most unique character in the game. He was the only truly monstrous character (sure, Spinal was in at that point and Fulgore was on the way, but they’re pretty much humans compared to a big fluffy animal that runs around on all fours and just bites and roars at things). Even though the game’s roster is awesome and there’s now a bigger variety of beasts to choose from, I’m still a sucker for the werewolf trope. And he just so happens to be the best damn werewolf design I’ve ever seen.

-Controls. Sabrewulf always has been and probably always will be easier for me to handle simply because Back-Forward motions were always easier for me than Quarter Circles or DP motions. Why make a Z for my reversal when I could just do Down-Up?

-Of course, the big thing is the gameplay. The aggressive rushdowns style tempered with some of the best footsies in the game, beefy damage even after all his adjustments, and some awesome reset potential that I’m only just starting to realize. Every time I come back to Wulf I feel like I learn something new.

-He’s just got so much… well, character! His animations are fluid and powerful, his backstory is tragic, his theme (while not my favorite) fits him perfectly, and his Ultra combo has one of my favorite rhythms and animations. His sound design is awesome, from his opening roar, to the panting and tweaking, to all those glorious howls…

I’ve got a lot of reasons to love the dog. He’s such a good boy!


Always loved giant characters, slow, and with uncommon and unorthodox gameplay mechanics. My three most used characters:

Loved since he was a silouette, my most used character. Love his wall mechanics, armor, him being a giant golem, his design, his lore, his moveset… everything. I own a lot of gratitude to IG and MS for creating this character

One of my favorite original characters, always loved villains. Gargos is not only a great villain, is also a blast gameplay and design wise. The fun I get with him it’s incredible, and I really have a lot of fun with his minions

My favorite original character, made a stance character(which I love, Gen main here), being a giant ogre which excells in both rushdown and zoning with each stance. Love to adapt on the fly to the random switch, and his design, both regular and retro, is sick


Like Dayv0, I’m also an Aganos main, but I chose him, not only because I like large characters, but because I also like characters that are either grapplers, use traps, that do lots of damage, or that are considered underdogs. In SF, I played Dhalsim and Hugo; in MK, I played Sheeva and Baraka; in Injustice, I played Lex Luthor and Grundy - and all for the same reasons.

Aganos sets up traps with his walls, is often underrated (and ironically simultaneously overrated, which I love), and is large with great throw options.

Similarly, I also enjoy playing Raam and Thunder (and yes, even Eyedol and Gargos on occasion, although I’m a bit less successful with them than I’d like) for the same reasons - they’re both large grapplers and are both somewhat hard to win with, and they both do massive damage.

For different (and opposite) reasons, I also like to play Maya and Kilgore for their ranged attack options and the relative high skill ceiling required to play them.


Why exactly? It’s the same to whatever other game you play where you get the chance to pick a character. You can get attracted by their looks (or personality) or their gameplay or boths depending on the type of game.
But gameplay is more important because it will set how comfortable you feel with it.


Well lately I’ve been using other characters but my mains are Maya, fulgore , and soon to be Kilgore. I like Maya because of her mobility and her dagger mechanics. Fulgore because he allows me to play whatever style I want Rushdown or zoning. Killgore well I like his overheat mechanic.

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I saw him first on the side of a N64 box and i thought as a young bab ‘that is the coolest looking robot ever!!’

(This one)

My older brother told me he was from KI and a friend had KI gold and i played him for like 1 hour and never saw him again… then untill he was shown in KI2013 after the Spianl trailer i needed a Xbox one

Played him and loved him from season 1-3
Got the classics and loved him in both (Prefered wulf in KI1)

Fulgore 4 LIFE!!!


Omen, never before have I played a character like him. Whether it’s his aerial dashes, his multiple rashakukens, or his taunt he’s a badass character regardless if he’s considered a bonus character nothing beats his laugh. Only wish he was given equal treatment cosmetically but I’d rather him have better gameplay than accessories any day.

My others are glacius, shago, and gargos and maybe Kilgore but they’re for when I want to cut back and have fun.

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Um, Spinal? Gargos?


They’re good but not omen good.

Riptor and Saberwulf. I am a true fan of the true beasts. In fact these guys are the only non human and non humanoid (by this is mean they are obviously not of the human species, or have a human like appearance) so that rules out gargos. I also like Fulgore, Kilgore, Kan Ra, eyedoll, and general Raam.
But my mains will always be riptor for her speed and brutality; and Saberwulf for his speed and defense penetation.


Flash! (the streamer) beats him XD

My first character I gravitated toward was Fulgore, and then I saw Circa Nicky wreck with him, those shenanigans and adaptibility are amazing.

I’ve also taken a strong liking to Glacius, his zoning keeps him in control and whatever my Fulgore weaknesses are, like say Sadira he can counter easily.

I’m taking a liking to Spinal as well, he’s got Fulgore shenanigans but not as extreme, however he shuts down your options. I love it.

But Fulgore and Glacius all day!

I main Riptor. Funny, once I saw her I thought, “what a stupid character.”- half a year before I got the game. I was very uneducated about KI. Once I got it, I loved her gameplay (rushdown as it should be) and got very attached to the character through the story as well. Ever since never switched mains.

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Oh boy… This could go on for a while so I’ll try to keep each character short. I’ll list them in order of my preferred play.

Fulgore: Awesome character all around, great tools, great appearance, just fun to play once you figure out how to control him and take advantage of his mobility and mixup pressure.

Jago: When I feel like playing a little more pressure heavy I play this guy. If you get close to someone you can smother them with frame traps and with good spacing can catch them off guard with funky pressure and throws.

Shadow Jago: When I feel like playing hit and run I’ll play this guy. He does it just a little better than Cinder for me. Has teleport setups and full screen confirms with meter.

Maya: She is just crazy with her projectile pressure, free manuals, great normals just a lot of fun as long as you don’t lose your daggers.

Cinder: He is my juggle king when I want to play an air game. Has some strange pyro bomb setups and pretty solid zoning as long as you make the right reads.

Aganos: Once you get used to this armored beast, his long range and excellent footsies can overwhelm people who do not know how to handle it. Also has some very high one chance break damage with walls in place.

Aria: Little tough to get used to but once you master body swapping per situation and get accustomed to her instinct + mixups she is an absolute monster.

Eyedol: Still adjusting to his random stance swapping but damn he can be hard to read at times.

Rash: I’ve had a long love of Battletoads, on top of working at a retro game store, I couldn’t help but pick up the toad.

Spinal: I’m not that good with him but he was one of my favorites back in KI1 so I still play him from time to time.

I will play almost anyone in the cast just for the sake of fun though, Except Kan-Ra and Kim-Wu, I really just don’t like how they play.

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Hisako (current main): I like her incredibly unique combination of counters, rekkas, and command grabs. I like the challenge of having a tool for every occasion, but having to read or condition my opponent to respond in just the precise way I want to be successful. She’s a dangerous character, but never gets to just ignore what her opponent’s options are - I think that challenge is very interesting and exciting.

Sadira (original main): love characters with unique mobility styles/options (also something I like about Hisako, incidentally), and Sadira has that in spades. Think I first got inspired by her when Campbell came on the stream pre-release and just absolutely wrecked every other dev in the room with the character :slight_smile:


Tusk because HP.



I haven’t really played this game long enough to have a main. Unlike other fighting games I’ve played, no characters have really jumped out at me as a favorite. I’ve pretty much been playing them all.

EYEDOL: the very best, the titan, the strongest in all ways, extremely funny to use with the troubles you get into with his head-changes! I laugth a lot every time, every fight. Always loved his retro design from the original KI, the retro version is awesome (even if could have been better with a very small work), the new one is quite good, but until we will have the retro one i will be OK.

GARGOS: another very good retro, even if with some unnecessary visual differences compared with the original. But the revamped fighting style with portals and minions, mantaining some of his basic features from the second KI, is very good. Now with the (even if very little) fly possibility and the wings involved in his style, he is a real gargoyle. New design is quite good… as for eyedol, is too different from the original, but thanks to devs there is a good retro version.

TUSK: slow and resistant, but very powerful and with a fantastic fighting style, a beast when unchained. He lacks of a good retro version with correct hair style and skin color, but from the moron, crude cave-man that he originally was in the second KI there will always be an abyss, no matters how many corrections they will fit on his retro model, and this is bad, cause retro must be retro. Anyway a very good char, the feeling of the original tusk is partially kept despite everything.

As you see, I must thanks devs for season 3, cause is for season 3 if i’m still playing KI, because season 3 has all my very best favorite chars trio in the franchise, and thanks god they have became all available.

Beyond them, I play a lot also with GLACIUS, FULGORE and SPINAL. A note: in the first KI i literally loved Riptor too, but her disgusting redesign have tremendously disappointed me, a real shame for such a good reboot.

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