Who's going to COMBO BREAKER

Who’s gonna be here in Chicago over the weekend I’m thinking about going and wanna get some games in. I’ll be in the venue for about 4 to 6 hours let’s play.

I will go to Combo Breaker.

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Bet, I’ve taken Friday off but as always something popped up so I can’t stay all three days. But gargos has me like do I Come out n play or stay home n play lol.

Ill be watching the stream(s), so ill be there in spirit :wink:


I hear you bud. They switched the venue so it’ll be impossible unless I drive and I need to put my car in the shop Friday 6pm… but I haven’t combo breaker in the last 3yrs I’m conflicted lol

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Damn man, at least you live close enough to drive it you really want to. I live on the east coast so couldn’t go unless I bought a plane ticket, flew out there and rented a place lol

And u know what excuse me because u are completely right I’m tripping bout spending 20 bucks just to stay a couple hours. I’m going for sure now!

Lol I didn’t mean to come off as rude or anything btw, after rereading what I wrote it kind of sounded ■■■ holish haha

It must be awesome to live in Chicago with all the tourneys and stuff, plus GGA is there and they have the one working cabinet of Primal Rage 2!!! I will go there once before I die simply for that lol

No worries u didn’t come off rude too me honestly I was just thinking that the only reason I go to combo breaker is because I’m a married man on a tight budget and this is the only tourney I can make. So what’s a few bucks towards a passion of mine? But gargos on Friday is a nice constellation prize if I don’t make it. But most likely I’m going Friday I just need to coordinate with some of the peeps here hopefully so I can network and get a few quality matches in.

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I got ya dude. So it starts on the same day as Gargos’s release? Lol that is a tough choice. I supposed I could stream the tourney on my laptop while I play Gargos or something. I really only plan on tuning into KI this year though. I am excited to see people compete with the S3 characters.

Madam and I had planned on driving out for the weekend (even made sure we had the weekend off back in February!) but then life happened… between medical and financial obstacles, CB is simply out of the picture.

That said, y’all get in some Omen/Hisako matches for us, eh!?