Who's from both is air rush down?

PLEASE peoples correct me if im wrong but between SADIRA and CINDER .

i have the feeling like thats cinder the air rush down ,cause everything for cinder is good calibrate to recup peoples in the air and let him enought time to recapture them ,but with sadira thats just a pain in the*** cause they fall too quick and we have to hurry very hurry to recapture the opponent.
so why dont fix it at the same way as cinder do and maybe sadira could be a real air rush down open for everyone (new and pro) i mean easier to play in air style. :sweat_smile: cause i feel like the air combo with sadira isn’t so accessible as it seem to be.

No offense but its hard to understand what you’re trying to say.

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i try to understand how cinder can do more air combo and easier way than sadira . cause thats sadira the air rush down.
thanx to explain me ( also thank u . i did some correction on my question :sweat_smile:)

Oh ok. Well… Cinder’s Air combos are kinda difficult to pull off compared to Sadira.

The Only advice I can offer is to watch some really good Cinder players on youtube. Domi is a great Cinder player.

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whaooww i like this cinder player hes really good .:smirk:

You can also ask @swordman09 on Cinder Advice. He made Top 16 at EVO, Placing 9th. He’s very good!

:scream: :cry: looooooollll im a sadira player man.i dont like the cinder style .:sweat_smile:

The main difference between Sadira and Cinder is that Sadira mostly starts combos from the air with mix-ups while Cinder juggles with Trailblazer more.

And Sadira focuses on normal jumping while Cinder’s main mobility tool is his Trailblazer. I don’t know how entirely accurate that may be me not being a Sadira player.

Hi Swordman! I use Wulf and I wanted to ask you: what would you recommend me to use against Cinders? It seems like Cinder has eternal blockstrings to me u.u

Be patient. Punish his Trailblazers. Punish his DP. He has holes that are very exploitable. You just gotta find them.

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Am a Sadira main and I would say Cinder has a better air game. Mostly because he can move in many directions and attack from anywhere. Sadira’s more limited in terms of movement and doesn’t have a recapture. You basically hit them a few times in the air and even then that’s not a part of her damage ender.

The way I see it Sadira simply suffers from being designed during season one where juggles weren’t as important. It really should be her that has the “I can confirm off every single random air poke into a full combo” thing that Cinder has. That being said she dominates the air to air game a lot better than Cinder. It’s a lot harder to hit a Sadira out of the air than it is to hit a Cinder out of the air. So her having that ability would probably break her.

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I actually have an easier time with playing as Cinder than I do with Sadira. Is that her name because, in truth, she’s really just a “sad” little spider? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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lol thats easier to air combo with cinder than sadira.
sadira everithing must going very quick, cinder thats just take ur time kick me in the air like a ball :joy: :soccer:

I never thought about that - he does kinda move like a soccer (futbol) player. :slight_smile:

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lol man thats right . just take a carefull look on the cinder air combos thats a real easy football recapture :soccer:.:runner: