Who would you want to see a stage for?

If you could give any of the homeless season 3 characters a stage of their own (assuming the Astral Plane is Gargos’ stage), who would it be?

  • Rash
  • Mira
  • General RAAM
  • Eyedol

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Eyedol & Mira for sure.


Mira. Just Mira.

Eyedol original characters come first.


I’m inclined to agree with you. Aside from Eyedol being the original boss, his stage in classic KI was great. A bridge over lava? Awesome!

Way I see it, Rash would want lava to ride his hoverbike over. We’ve already got him covered, he’s a happy toad.

RAAM is probably really comfy in Sadira’s crib. He’s like a big ol’ Goldilocks, and that cave-moss is probably just right.

As far as I’m concerned, Eyedol has the best stage in the game. The Ogre Shaman Demi-God flat out evicted Thunder. Thunder is now homeless, poor fella.

That leaves us Mira, and for real, who doesn’t like Castlevania?

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Mira is top priority for me, since the description @TempusChaoti teased us with was just so juicy.
I would say Eyedol as well (and in the long run I really hope he will get a stage), but in my opinion The Astral Plane is actually an astonishingly good fit for his theme. The classic synth orchestra with the 90’s groove fits the space stage almost better than Gargos’ theme, if you ask me.

Ideally, stages for everyone would be awesome. But IMO Mira should get top billing, then Eyedol, then the guests.


So…nobody wanted to vote for RAAM at least?

Wait, what tease?

If Eyedol had a stage. RAAM would be my next vote don’t care much for the other 2.


I would LOVE to see a Gears of War stage for RAAM but since this is KI, I think KI characters should get stages before guests.


I’d say Rash so that I can point out all the cool little Battletoads things they can put in the back. Arbiter’s stage is absolutely beautiful and full of life so I can only imagine what Rash’s would be like.

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I voted for a RAAM stage.

I also said Booooourns.

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KI characters first (moreso Mira) then guests

Raam! Gears has amazing backgrounds! and I’ve become a fan after playing Gears of War 3 and followed all the saga since then. It was cool, it was my first shooter. Okok, competitive, the first that gave me hype was RE4

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This one.

When asked what concept Mira’s stage would have had, this was his response.

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Yeah, that’s the one.

Basically it would be a giant ice crypt I guess.

Eyedol and Mira, I was already annoyed that Arbiter got a stage rather than the other 2 original KI characters, let guests be guests and bum it out on other stages, they’re homeless cause they don’t really belong here. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would want everyone to get a stage. But if I had to pick one or two it’d be Eyedol and Mira for obvious reasons. I can’t help but think how cool rash’s stage could look though.

Nice, that reminds me of the underground crypt stage in the original KI.

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