Who Would You Pick for the Starting Cast of KI2?

You left out the best character? What kind of technological malfunction is this? But I still voted.

Which one?

Isn’t it obvious?




If I had choose for my starting cast…

  1. Jago
  2. Fulgore
  3. Hisako
  4. Kim Wu
  5. Orchid
  6. Glacius
  7. Spinal
  8. Sabrewulf


  • The first four are chosen because THE MAINS MUST RETURN. NO EXCEPTIONS!

  • Jago, Orchid and Fulgore are the series version of the Triforce. Jago is the Triforce of Wisdom, Orchid is courage and, and Fulgore is Power. You can’t have a KI game without them with destroying that balance

My starting cast would be

  1. Fulgore
  2. Jago
  3. Orchid
  4. Maya
  5. Riptor
    7.Kim Wu
  6. Glacius

My list is baste on story and the iconicness of the characters.

Please fix the name of this thread, as the next game would be KI4, not KI2.

Duuuuudddde! This is reboot!

So Mortal Kombat is Called Mortal Kombat X even thought the one that came out in 2011 was a reboot and that game was not called Mortal Kombat 9.

Mortal Kombat 9 is not really reboot because Raiden change MK’s timeline like time machine. That’s why MK’s timeline have changed.

Oh it was a reboot to MK.


Sadira needs to be higher as she is the only memorabilia we have of Double Helix and their original vision.


The current one isnt called KI3, why would the next one be called KI4

If there is a sequel, they may just give it a subname and skip with the nummers

Yeah the story behind Spinal hasn’t been clear. We still don’t even know where he even got his Cuthulu shield, thats like one of the most prominent aspects about Spinal. The character needs to be explored some more.


But it’s still the third game.

Well gee, I don’t know uuuummmmmmmmmmm maybe because this is the third installment…

Fun fact: MKX was codenamed MK2 just a short time before the announcement at E3 2014.

By the way, I already made a thread about this a while ago:

Kim Wu

and it may be called ki4

In the traditional sense, reboots nullify their predecessors in their aim to, well, reboot the dead franchise.

KI and KI2 are dead, gone, kaput, dumpster fire.

This is KI now. Any argument to the contrary is just nostalgia talking. Sorry friend, them’s the breaks.

For comparative analogous purposes, it is worthwhile to note that despite MKX using the Roman numeral for ten, it is accepted that the pronunciation is as the letter X. Use of the codename “MK2” points directly its predecessor, who sought to reboot the franchise, which was not titled MK9 but simply Mortal Kombat.

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