Who would be the best with infinite instinct on?

There are so many instinct modes that make characters super strong but it’s only for a limited time. What if it was on forever at the start of the match? I’m very curious as to who you guys think would be the best in that situation.

The best person with infinite instinct?

My vote is TJ Combo.

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Considering the frame advantage and health regeneration from fireballs, I’m fairly confident in saying Jago would have the strongest permanent instinct.


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LOL that, and the Speed buff from using it. XD


Isn’t TJ’s last stand thing programmed to only work once though?

Probably. I’m Not sure.

If we look away from TJ’s last breath, as it demands full instinct and not active instinct.

We would say probably Jago, because of life regen and his general buff
Or Spinal, because his projectiles would become unavoidable in a very short time if instinct wouldn’t run out.

Generally some strong competitors… Sadira and her webs… Aganos and his peacemaker… Sabre with eternal feral cancels is pretty scary… could go on :slight_smile:

I think that Aria would be a huge threat. With proper usage of infinite instinct, she could stretch out her life bar by a ton, not to mention having access to all those moves at the same time.

Interesting question. I’d guess these would be the top contenders:

Jago (frame advantage and life swings)
TJ (insanely fast and frame advantage)
Sadira (maybe a bit less in S3, but super hard to breakables, and everything safe on block)
Fulgore (Fulgore with nigh-infinite meter=really, really, scary)
Orchid (everything safe on block, free DP’s on wakeup with cats to make safe :open_mouth:)
Aria (all utility all the time, plus a fanfare drone for backup. Super hard-to-breakables with poke->drone assist strings)

Some other dangerous ones:
Aganos (peacemaker is really, really good, but with the extra respawn time and reduced damage, a little less good)
Hisako (omni-counter very dangerous, but more importantly, all air-ORZ’s would recap, and all influence grabs would combo. She’d be a reset monster)
Kan-Ra (infinite sand all the time would be a bitch - he’d be next to impossible to actually catch)

@STORM179 Don’t for get…

ARIA also gets a damage reduction since her life is being absorbed by all bodies at once.

Thunder: infinite, invincible dashes that cancel off just about every move.

Sabrewulf: safe everything via Feral Cancel (on a cool down though).

Tusk: Cancel all special moves…infinitely.

Arbiter would get extra health every now and then, always ignore his own grenades and always the parry. As a fulgore main I would be in heaven with infinite super fast meter regen.

Omen is a strong candidate as well…he has 2 frames of advantage, any contact with a rashakuken orb locks out your shadow meter for 8 seconds…and he gets an additional orb per rashakuken type move…and his shadow ordas both increase in size and quantity.

But Tj is probably the best…Jago is a strong candidate too

DOnt forget about ARIA! All 3 bodies combined and the mini drone assist into cancels

I think Sadira would still reign supreme, as she would be able to constantly jump cancel everything and drop webs all the time. I’ve been known to take entire life bars with just a smidgen of her Instinct. Having that smidgen the entire match would make her beyond OP.

In terms of Aria… Her Instinct while incredibly powerful, could also destroy her, if you managed to open her up. While she takes less damage while in Instinct, she would only get one life bar. So you deplete that, its over.

I think the way Aria would work would essentially just be if she had one super large lifebar. The damage soak makes it hard to do a lot of damage to a particular body, but I believe the total damage numbers work out to be the same total damage you always do. The beauty of her instinct is that it lets you use a near-dead body to soak 33% of the damage you would otherwise be taking, but if you start and end the fight with instinct active then there’s no “bonus” life to be had.

Long story short, I don’t think she’d be uniquely gimped in this scenario, but she would also lose some of the utility that her current instinct has.

Forgot about Omen. And with the S3 updates…his orbs don’t disappear on hit. DAMN. I wonder how many orbs you could have on screen?


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One unique thing with Aria is that she can turn her instinct on and off so you could still do that sort of thing even more easily.

I believe 10… 5 from rashakuken and 5 from Shadow orda shield… maybe 15 for brief moment while shadow flurry kicks are shooting 5 Orbs!

Lol! What KI character is the best at playing Ikaruga?

I can’t think of a character who can deal with that much crap on screen at once.

Then again, maybe Spinal, or Shago, or maybe Fulgore…not sure (teleport characters for the win).

Spinal could power devour everything lol