Who will win KI at EVO Online 2020?

Now that the registration is open, it is time for some predications.
On Twitter I opened up a poll for this

So who do you think will be the next EVO KI champ and why?

Personally I think XiBassiX or NickyFGC. Not only do they have the EVO and big major experience plus both are great established champions, but they are also grinding this game still on a daily basis on Twitch.

I do hope and if there was ever a chance to proof yourself that one of the Online warriors who rarely go to offline events can shine, maybe even take the whole thing. Peeps like CrazySkateNate or Hologram can swing with the big boys and with Ki’s superior netcode it does not matter if you have offline or online experience. Pretty sure they will give the pros a run for their money.

So let me know what your predications and favorites are. Whoever takes it will deserve it and we should all be happy that KI will shine once more at EVO.


At least in terms of established tournament players, the two you named are at the top of my list to win as well.

Does Sleep still play?

I’ve quietly noticed KI coming back for some time. I’m not interested in EVO but I may tune in on the last day of July.

I hope EVO Online goes very well.


Sleep doesn’t play, although @itzLCD managed to talk him into an invitational online tournament that’s coming up.

My money is on Nicky, as he has won a lot of online tournaments. Bass is my second pick. Since we know @STORM179 won’t be competing (:cry:) I would put Wheels (DaytonJ) in third. He has a hard time traveling and I’m guessing he’s going to take this really seriously as his chance to win an Evo tournament. He has said as much on Twitter.


Wheels is fantastic. It’s great watching him play.

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Domi from Japan

I’m afraid something like this:

1 st online Warrior
2 nd online Warrior
3 rd online Warrior

Pick the names xD

But being honest, in this EVO online these players have the advantage.

Still, there are many offline excellent players that will put up a fight, specially if the netcode works smooth.

Ps: just played with the forum band and the game ran pretty nicely. Amazing!