Who should I pick?

I’m planning to try SFV and if anyone has played it I would like to have some advice.

I’m a Wulf player mainly. I’m looking for a character with decent speed and normals (wouldn’t mind a nice AA too).
For what I’ve seen Cammy, Karin, Necalli and Rashid look like characters apealing to my style. What would you recommend?

Despite Wulf being more rushdown keep in mind he was a charge character in the first KI, not a full rushdown like he is now. I wouldn’t mind a character that is not meant to be used in a nutty way. I like to have at least some space control (that’s why I look for a decent AA) and probably some move to take the pressure out of me (I have shadow eclipse with Wulf, which is very good, of course I need a shadow, but it’s better than nothing).

In SFIV I tried Ryu and Ken but I got bored pretty fast. Cammy on the other hand felt agile.

Chun-li! And I am biased. :smiley:

Defintiley Cammy. Karin is great but more like and Orchid or Mira with her rekkas.

Necali being semi charge character… ehhh… just give him a shot.

Believe it or not Abigail is pretty fun!

It is tough to say who but I recommend Balrog (boxer). As for who not to play, definitely Juri.

All can change with a new balance patch as you know (except if you’re season 3 Kan). I haven’t played the Abigail update yet, so my recommendation might be not relevant anymore…

I just got back in my self, I have been having fun with it. If you don’t like charge characters, try Ryu or Nash. I have been playing Birdie and he has great control of the neutral.

I’m not sure! That’s a hard one. I went in thinking I was gonna play Rashid, and it ended up me playing Ed as my main. Probably Cammy though, she can really lock you down and apply pressure well.

It’s tough because none of the SFV characters can be played as aggressively as Sabrewulf. There really isn’t an obvious character to cross over to.

Karin has good normals, but her specials are punishable and some are even punishable in the middle of multi-hits. Vega has good normals, but he’s not an easy character to pick up.

I might recommend Necali. He’s a little strange, but he is fairly aggressive and he does good damage.