Who plays KI offline? poll

Does family count? I occasionally play with my girlfriend and little brother/nephew but otherwise I’m in the same boat as @NitricZenith . None of my friends play KI, I’m too lazy to look into other members of the AZ scene most of the time, and 90% of the activities I enjoy are best enjoyed home alone anyway :joy:

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At least your girlfriend plays with you, I ask Mr Zenith to fight my shadow and he’s all “f*** no”

He scared. :joy:

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They really need to fix this.
I play on my laptop, and travel
alot, and not always online.

@developers @IronGalaxy

I play almost exclusively “offline” with my uncle (though the system is online for the extra XP). Before I got KI, it had been many years since I’d even touched a fighting game. IMO nothing beats having your opponent physically sitting next to you in the room. Really sucks to see a lot of multiplayer and co-op games nowadays ship without any kind of split-screen option.

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