Who is your perfect (not best) character?

While some characters in the new KI seem either too lacking or too advantageous, there are some that feel perfect in the sense that their pros are balanced by their cons. These characters are appreciated even by those who don’t play them very much and are an absolute joy to play as, even when things don’t go as planned. So I ask you; which character do you find to have the strongest sense of harmony and is very much what they are supposed to be?

Riptor would be my 1st choice.

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Apart from Orchid, Omen, and maybe Cinder, I REALLY like all the character designs in this KI, and even then I still think the ones in not as fond of work well.
That being said, if I had to pick favorites, I’d go with Sabrewulf, Fulgore, Sadira, and Riptor for my pick of awesome visuals.
Gameplay wise, I like characters that give me options. I’ve been a Wulf main since S1, but over the course of my adventures getting everyone to level 50 I really grew to love Jago, Spinal, Riptor, Fulgore, and Sadira.

I was going to main Riptor when I saw Kan-Ra trailer; but while I was waiting and getting ready for Riptor’s release, I played Kan-Ra more and started using him often. It’s sad cause I love dinosaurs. :confused:

Kan Ra. I love setting traps and luring opponents in to them, cursing opponents, love the antlion, having a long distance command grab, getting people up in to the air for a swarm hit… There’s just so much that I enjoy about his whole move set that I don’t feel compelled to spam any particular move. I also enjoy his look, his voice, his role in the story and the music in his background is awesome.

I know that he has some issues that make him less desirable to other players, but even if the devs fix him or nerf him, he’ll still be one of the best characters I’ve seen come along in a fighting game in a very long time, and in a game that I enjoy as much as I enjoy KI, that’s saying something!

Riptor and Shadow Jago are whom I want to invest most in. Have to see Shago to know which I prefer more.

Riptor and Glacius work well for me.

I don’t think this is overtly true at all, tbh.

Anyway, I wouldn’t main Jago if I didn’t appreciate his balance of tools, would I? I’m also working on a Glacius, who I think is something special as far as combat designs go – a fact which I take with bemusement because I always thought Glacius was boring in the original games. I’ve also worked on a Fulgore from time to time, and I’m considering training up a Riptor, Cinder and/or Aria.

But really, I reiterate my first sentence. I’m no expert, but I think basically every combat design in this game is well-thought-out and balanced in some fundamental sense.


For me it has to be Riptor because she not only looks in a waythat allowed devs to have creative freedom but wasn’t changed in such a way that would aleinate me. I found her modern look to be great and her classic is pretty close to the original look.

Add in the crazy savagrey in her attacks and with a little bit of thinking and set ups you can open up your enemy and just go wild! But of course it’s more rewarding if ya don’t mindlessly attack her.

Fulgore’s a close 2nd. He’s still a little too weak damage than I wanted (a 3% buff in damae would be nice really) but he’s got all the good stuff that still makes him fun to play. He’s also still flexible enough for me to use him in 2 different styles I can switch between depending on who I’m fighting.

this I can agree with. Compared to some otherFG’s I played, KI has the best balancing in any game, especially since its cast is the most diverse, both in character archetype and gameplay. That is never easy to do.

Jago and Fulgore for me. I like shotos but Fulgore is just…too hype. Everything fits my style with him. Meter management with extreme possibilities and potential special combos with pip canceling. Shadow Jago might be next though.

Hisako. The most scrupulously balanced character in the game IMO. Whenever you win you well and truly deserve it, and the same goes for when you lose.

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Have to say Aganos for me, followed by Sabrewulf and Fulgore. But I love them all equally. Aganos is just so rewarding. You have to be patient, block a lot and punish the opponent in the right time. Also I love smashing people through walls :wink:

Jago & TJ Combo.

While Jago has amazing buttons and I love EVERYTHING about that character, it feels good to win a match with good solid Jago play.

With TJ, it’s an amazing feeling to get good counterbreakers, good reads, and resets, and win the match. Plus, Instinct comebacks are hype! (And I mean I’m on Danger, I hit instinct instead of saving it, and fully comeback.)

i like to play a lot of characters, like i really want to be good with fulgore and cinder, but my perfect character would have to be jago. his moves are very fluent and his damage output is desirable

Hisako, Aganos, Jago, Fulgore and Riptor.

Jago is my perfect character and perhaps also my best.