Who is fun with Combo Assist?

Hey guys,

I’m a new user here, but a long time fan of KI.
I’m not a pro or anything of the sort, I just love to play KI for fun.

On the topic of Combo Assist,
who do you think is fun to play with when Combo Assist is Enabled?

I personally find Rash to be user-friendly and crazy fun for combos.

What do you guys think?

Really all the characters can be fun with CAM. Because of the way the KI system works, all the characters have a similar way in which they can all can be played.

That being said, what about Rash and his play-style speaks to you? If you like the juggles, then go with Cinder or Sadira…but that being said, juggling isn’t really affected by CAM. If you just like the ground game, go with Spinal or Riptor.

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Well, with Rash he feels to me like arcade beat-em up and the battlemaniac lights are a nice gimmick with him. I also enjoy using the tongue zipline to barrage the cpu to make a mistake. I pretty much play a Beat-Down style and I’m a No-Defense Nelly sometimes (which might come back to bite me in Shadow Lords).

I enjoy Riptor mainly because of her HP, so fun to abuse in some battles. Spinal is loads of fun too with his ground game.

Playing KI as much (or as little) as I do, this is actually how I approach the game. I don’t have that much time to play, much time to refine my game, so I play just to have fun. Playing SLs, and having CAM, has allowed my explore many characters that I haven’t really played before, so I say all this just to say I feel you.

If you are just looking for rushdown, go for Sabrewulf. Also try Thunder, Orchid, and TJ, as with CAM on they are all pretty straight forward, though with TJ you will have to learn to use his auto-barrage…but that is easy enough.

The reason I suggested both Riptor and Spinal is because they both have good rushdown, but also have a run like Rash.

To be fair, I play as pretty much everybody just for a good variety of match ups. Yeah, Sabre is beast on rushdown, he’s probably my 2nd main. Thank you for your input, hopefully I get to hear the communities opinion as well.

Some disagree but I like Tusk. He does a lot of damage and he has great normals.

I agree with you, Tusk is very good with CAM. I think I had a 70% with one big combo with 1 lockout, 2 shadow moves, and a counter breaker. Though I’m sure someone could much more. :slight_smile:

Hisako for me.

Sabrewulf can be really easy to destroy folks with CA since his crouching lights can get you in so easily… its just combo city after a light hit confirm